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    Can we get it back? – Chapter 31

    Chapter 31

    About an hour later they walk through the door at home. The ride from the hospital was made in silence. Both, deep in thought.

    “Tee, I know you said you wanted to talk when we got home, but can we delay that a little bit? I need to lie down.” Bette says as she turns around towards Tina. Tina could see that lack of energy in Bette and walks up to her and wraps her arms around Bette’s shoulders. She leans in for a kiss.

    “Off course, your health takes priority above anything else now. But I want you to know, and I will tell you this every minute of every day if I have to. I love you. You are beautiful. I know you struggle with the loss of hair babe, but I do not care, and no one else care either if you have hair or not. When it comes back, I will be here. If it for some reason does not grow back, I will still be here and so will your friends. Hair does not make you who you are babe. Does not make you kind, funny, gentle, romantic and so on. That is in here.” Tina says and places her hand on Bette’s heart.  “You have gotten this far. Only 1 week left of treatment and then you are done. Cancer will be gone, and you will be back to your self before you know it. I love you.” She finishes. And then seals it with a kiss.

    “I don’t know what I would do without you during this. You have been my rock, my anchor point.” Bette says, tears running down her face after Tina’s words.

    Tina just brings Bette into a warm hug. “I love you. Come on, let’s get you into bed.” Tina says and pulls Bette towards the bedroom.

    Hours later, Bette wakes up, suddenly needing to vomit. She doesn’t make it to the bathroom on time. And she falls to the floor in the bedroom. “Tiiiinaa?” She calls out. She felt so week, suddenly lost all the strength she had left in her legs.

    Out in the kitchen, Tina had set up her laptop to do some work while Bette slept. She is on the phone with her new boss when she hears Bette desperate calling.

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    1. This is a rough time when you feel so helpless and sick. Angie was perfect in her response. And at least Bette is trying to eat something. Hopefully the nausea won’t last long. Take one day at a time and get the rest and nutrition she needs. Angie and Tina should plan some at home activities like watching a movie. Give Bette the time and attention she needs to relax and know they are both present. Keep telling Bette how beautiful she is inside and out. Plan a trip for them to take six months from now when Bette has regained most of energy and strength. It will take many months to recuperate fully. Bette needs to take the time she needs to get through this. But she needs Tina and Angie for that to happen….

      Thanks for the update….

    2. Hey Lauren,

      Great chapter – Bette is struggling but her two biggest supporters are there by her side.

      Agree with Martha about the 6 month point trip – something to plan & look forward to.

      As a cancer survivor myself, I endured chemo for 6 months & radiation treatments everyday for 6 weeks. They weren’t easy & gave me mild reactions, but fortunately I didn’t loose my hair on my head, just my arms and legs. Weird – but that’s how it went. Constant nausea and weight loss were other factors, but I counted myself lucky as I saw so many other patients that were sicker than I was. Today, 19 years later, I still survive and I am thankful everyday for that blessing.

      The treatment can be just as painful and debilitating as the disease itself. Having a string support system is key to surviving the side effects & health issues. Keeping your strength up is another key factor.

      Thank you for this chapter & story. Appreciate the care you are giving it.


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