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    Can we get it back – Chapter 6

    “You haven’t asked how Angie is doing Carrie, do you even care?” Tina asks frustrated.

    “I… off course I care.” Carrie starts.

    “Then why haven’t you asked, you haven’t sent one message to ask. I told you they were my priority, my family, but you just didn’t want me to go, didn’t want to understand why I had to go. That tells me some very important and basic things about our relationship. She could die on the operating table, the mother of my child, a person that I spent over 20 years with. My daughter could lose her mother. Off course I have to be here.” Tina says with a sigh, feeling herself getting angry. “So what I get from this is that the wedding is off.” Tina adds but is interrupted by Carrie.

    “You don’t mean that.” Carrie starts.

    “Yes, I do, there is some basic values that I thought we shared, but that we apparently don’t.” Tina says.

    “Tina, please. We should talk in person. I can come to Los Angeles and we can talk.” Carrie starts.

    “No.” Tina says quickly.

    “Well, how long are you there for? When are you coming back?” Carrie asks.

    “I don’t know. I’ll be here as long as Angie and Bette need me. I’ve already arranged it with work. Home office indefinitely.” Tina shares. Just then she sees a nurse going into the waiting room.

    “Look Carrie I have to go. I’ll call later.” Tina says quickly and hangs up as she runs back to the room.

    The nurse turns towards Tina as she comes running in. “Any news?” Tina asks as she walks over to Angie and bring her arm around her shoulder.

    “Hi, the operation is going good so far. It is a delicate operation and they can’t rush it. They are removing the tumor piece by piece.” The nurse explains.

    “But so far, everything is going okay?” Tina asks, she just want to make sure.

    “Yes, everything is going according to plan.” The nurse replies.

    “Thank God.” Tina says as she lets out a breath.

    The nurse says a few more things, then leaves while all three takes a seat again.

    “How long till their finished?” Angie asks.

    “Well, they started at noon and now it’s one thirty, so they have about four and a half hours left.” Tina replies looking at her watch checking the time. “Are you hungry sweetie?” Tina asks after a few moments.

    “Yeah, I am actually.” Angie replies.

    “What do you say we go down to the cafeteria and get something. The nurse just been here, so it will probably be awhile before she comes back.” Tina suggests.

    “Sure.” Angie says and stand up.

    “You’ll join us Shane?” Tina asks also standing up.

    “Sure.” She replies with a smile.

    Tina stops by the nurses station to let them know that they would be gone a little while to get some food, but if something happens they were to call her right away. They took the elevator down to the first floor where the cafeteria was.


    1. Carrie has no clue who Tina is. Carrie certainly is not a very mature person. Tina calls and Carrie only question is what about us or what about me. Evidently she has never had nor know anyone who ever had something come up which was a life or death situation for someone they love. No empathy and no common sense. Even if they were to marry, they would not last more than a couple of months at best.

      Great story. Wish Tina had more time with Bette before she went in to prep. It would have been nice if she could have gotten Bette calm down before she went in. I hate it that Bette got so upset. But she started to calm down, maybe it was enough.

      Great story…keeps getting better with every chapter….

    2. I can’t believe that Tina intended to marry on so selfish person, like Carrie. Tina, are you even heard phrase “rebounded girlfriend” and know what it’s mean? How you can jump from 8-9 years marriage quick in another relationship and think it’s something more than rebounding?

    3. My god, how selfiish can Carrie be, not one question of how Angie or Tina is.

      I think Tina is right to cancel the wedding, but how is it she didn’t know they don’t share the same core values. Did she jump in to the relationship like she has done before?

      I feel the sadness and heartbreak from Bette 😭 Here is the woman she loves so much but needs by her side in this hard time.

      Thanks for the update! Please stay save and healthy 🙏

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