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    Chapter 1

    15 Years Earlier ……

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    “Christina Kennard get out of bed now! You will not be late on your first day back!”

    Urgh… summer was definitely over. Rolling over I listened as my mom stomped down the hall to wake my younger brother. First day back to school, ‘oh, joy’. The only saving grace about this whole thing was that I was now officially a senior. One more year and I was out of here, off to college, see the world, experience life and hopefully never have to return to the bigoted bubble the people of this god-forsaken town inhabited.

    “Up child!” came through the door, closely followed by a thump as mom hit the door to emphasize her command. “Breakfast will be on the table in five minutes, if you are not down by then you can go hungry”.

    “I’m up, I’m up” I called out to appease her.

    “One more year,” I said softly to myself as I slowly dragged myself to the shower “one more year”.

    As I came down the stairs I could hear my family in the kitchen, and before I got to the door, I knew exactly the scene I’d walk in on.

    Andrew Kennard, three-term mayor, right-wing republican, sitting at the head of the table moaning from behind his newspaper how the problems of the day would be fixed if not for immigration, people of colour, queers, and women who have forgotten that their place in life firmly puts them at home, cooking and cleaning for the man of the house and the 2.4 kids.

    A position that my mother, Caroline Kennard had happily held for the last twenty years. There she’ll be, flitting around the kitchen, attending to every whim of my father and his mini-me, my younger brother Andrew ‘Drew’ Kennard Jr.

    Mom had very few ambitions in life, those were 1; to make sure the two men in her life never had to lift a finger, 2; to make sure her status as queen bee among the wives of the ‘right families’ in the town was secured and that she was privy to all town gossip, and 3; to make certain that like my brother following in daddy’s footsteps, myself and my older sister Samantha Kennard were to follow her example and prepare for a lifetime of servitude to a husband and kids.

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    1. Finally had the time to read the chapter.

      So what a surprise, Bette was Tina’s teacher and now Jenny is there too, rattled Tina out to her sister and ended up with dumbass Eric.

      I have to think about what Tina mentioned in the prologue, how was prison? Did they have a secret relationship and were exposed and betrayed by Jenny, which landed Bette in prison because relationships are forbidden between teachers and students?

      I am so looking forward to read how the story will unfold!

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