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    Chapter 1

    “So has anyone had a class with the new chick?”

    This must be the blue Saab I saw earlier I thought. At Eric’s question, Alice’s ears pricked up, panic clear on her face that she was missing out on hot new gossip.

    “Who? What new Chick? Name? When’d she arrive? What does she look like?”

    “Come on Eric I need details!”

    “Um…I don’t know, Porter I think her name is, I haven’t actually seen her. Word is she’s totally fuckable though” he said winking at Al.

    Everyone at the table jumped when Dana suddenly shoved her food tray across the table at Eric. “Is that seriously all guys think about!?, you know women do not exist just to be playthings for hormonal boys!” At that, she got up and stormed out of the cafeteria.

    No one said anything, all too stunned to comprehend that Dana Fairbanks, mild-mannered, wouldn’t say boo to a goose, Dana Fairbanks, had just gone off on the star of the basketball team.

    Eric clearly realising that he may have said the wrong thing, motioned that he was going to go clear up before the next period.

    “I’ll catch ya later babe.”

    Ignoring Eric, I turned to Alice “What’s up with Dane?”

    “No clue, but I’ll find out. Speaking of…I thought you were going to dump the douche?”

    “I was, I am!”

    “So, what happened?”

    “We went to Gran’s for the summer; I sort of forgot that I hadn’t done it already.” I said shrugging.

    “That’s why I love ya TK!” she said laughing. “Come on, we’re going to be late”

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    God this day was dragging, for once Alice had actually been right. It really was no fun in class without our little trio to pass the time with.

    Still, the last class of the day was next, then we could escape. Just as I was closing my locker Eric appeared around the corner.

    “Hey babe”


    “Fancy skipping and going and having some real fun?” he asked slipping his arms around my waist and pulling me flush against him.

    Resisting the urge to heave at the not-so-subtle suggestion, I gently pushed him away.

    “Can’t today, any more skipping class and my parents will ship me off”

    “Oh, come on babe, it’s been ages. How about we’re a little late? We can be quick.”

    “You always are!” I said laughing. At that, I turned and left a slack-jawed Eric leaning against the lockers.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    I made it to class with seconds to spare, taking a glance around for a seat, I found one right at the front next to…

    “Fuck my life!” I mumbled under my breath. Jenny Scheckter, the bane of my life, and neighbour for the past 10 years.

    “Good afternoon, Christina.”

    “Jenny.” I acknowledged as I slumped down in the seat.

    “How’s your boyfriend?” she questioned almost knowingly.

    “He’s fine” I replied.

    Of course, she wants to know about Eric, after all, Jenny Scheckter is the reason I even agreed to date Eric in the first place. Late last year Jenny very kindly let my sister know that some rumours were going around of my ‘unnatural leaning’ as she put it. Naturally, Samantha told my parents, and I came home from school to a family meeting consisting of me, my parents and our local pastor.

    After ninety minutes of tears from my mom, threats of conversion therapy from my dad, and bible verses and long conversations about sin, sinners and hell, I announced that I was going on a double date with Alice, Steve and Eric. A statement that shocked me as much as my parents at the time, but it did get them off my back for now at least. Although I’m certain that my mom still suspects something.

    Leaning down to get my book and pen from my bag and away from any conversation with Jenny, I noticed a pair of expensive heels walk into the room.

    “Good afternoon class”

    That voice. It was like nothing I’d heard before. Sitting back up I was instantly met by the most beautiful deep brown eyes I had ever seen; I couldn’t look away. There standing at the front of the room was a goddess. Long brown hair in soft waves framing a delicate face, the eyes, the smile and her body…wow.

    “My name is Bette Porter, and I will be your English teacher for the coming year….”

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    1. Finally had the time to read the chapter.

      So what a surprise, Bette was Tina’s teacher and now Jenny is there too, rattled Tina out to her sister and ended up with dumbass Eric.

      I have to think about what Tina mentioned in the prologue, how was prison? Did they have a secret relationship and were exposed and betrayed by Jenny, which landed Bette in prison because relationships are forbidden between teachers and students?

      I am so looking forward to read how the story will unfold!

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