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    Chapter 1

    Sam had been fine with this plan, graduating from school with very average grades, doing two years at a local community college whilst “waiting for Mr Right” to come along and marrying the poor sap to begin the whole cycle again. I’m expecting the announcement of the impending new arrival any day now, poor kid.

    “It lives!” came the sarcastic statement from my brother as I entered the kitchen.

    Rolling my eyes, I quickly grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge and an apple hoping to make a quick escape.

    “Good morning, Christina” came my father’s voice from behind the paper, clearly bored already with the conversation he started.

    “Morning, dad”

    “I trust you slept well?” he asked.

    “It clearly wasn’t beauty sleep” came my brother’s reply “have you seen the state of her?” At this, my father lowered his paper laughing along with Drew at his statement.

    “Honestly Christina!” came moms voice from behind me “how do you expect to attract a nice young man, when you dress like one?”

    I looked down at my outfit, black boots, dark jeans that fit like a glove, and an old grey Triumph motorcycle tee. Looking at my mom I shrugged.

    “You never know mom, maybe they want to find a nice young man too!”

    I quickly spun on my heels and made for the front door as the appalled voices of my parents rung out behind me.


    “Young lady, you will NOT say such blasphemous things in MY HOUSE!”

    “Christina, come back you haven’t eaten breakfast”

    “Sorry can’t stop, after all, I can’t be late on my first day back, can I?” laughing to myself I quickly headed for the car.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    10 minutes later I was pulling into the school parking lot, immediately spotting the Mini Cooper of my best friend Alice.

    “Bout time TK. Do you have any idea how annoying this one is being already?!”

    At that comment, the third of our trio popped up from the passenger side of Alice’s car.

    “Hey! How exactly have I been annoying you, Al?”

    “Good morning, Tina.”

    “Morning Dana.”

    “Seriously Dana? You really don’t believe that you’ve been bugging the shit outta me since you got in the car?”

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    1. Finally had the time to read the chapter.

      So what a surprise, Bette was Tina’s teacher and now Jenny is there too, rattled Tina out to her sister and ended up with dumbass Eric.

      I have to think about what Tina mentioned in the prologue, how was prison? Did they have a secret relationship and were exposed and betrayed by Jenny, which landed Bette in prison because relationships are forbidden between teachers and students?

      I am so looking forward to read how the story will unfold!

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