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    Chapter 1

    “What did I do? All I did was talk about the first day back”

    “Exactly! ALL you’ve done is talk about being back! I mean who over the age of 5 gets that excited over going to school?!”

    Laughing at the bickering between my two best friends I noticed a flash blue Saab pulling into the lot and heading over the other side. Nice! A convertible must be another rich kid joining the school. Rolling my eyes at the thought of yet another snob to deal with daily, I returned my attention to the two lovable idiots beside me.

    “Oh, come on Al, we’re seniors! And we’re ‘gonna rule the school”. Said Dana, giving it her best Rizzo impersonation.

    Alice and I just looked at her.

    Alice suddenly turned at me at smacked my arm.

    “Hey! What was that for?”

    “You see what I’ve been dealing with?” she said storming inside before the bell, my attention returning to Dana.

    “I thought we told you to stop watching Grease?!”

    Dana just looked sheepish as we made our way inside.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    So far, the morning had gone as expected, the teachers, who had clearly enjoyed their break from the students as much as the students had, were piling on the pressure not to mention the homework. Each one had seemed to take delight in pointing out that this year was make or break, college applications, graduation, and ultimately success or failure in our bid to actually leave this town.

    “Can you believe that the only period we have together is lunch?”  grumbled Alice as she sat down in front of me.

    “Finally learnt their lesson, taken them long enough”

    “Maybe it was the only way they could shut you up Al” replied Dana

    I snorted as Alice flipped Dana off for her comment. Just then an arm snaked around my shoulders and a sloppy kiss landed on my neck.

    “Hey babe, miss me?”

    “Does anyone?” snarked Alice

    Urgh…Eric, my sort-of boyfriend for the past 11 months. The result of being roped into a double date with Alice, Eric’s cousin Steve, and Eric. Ironically, Alice and Steve didn’t get past the first date, whereas I somehow managed to wind up saddled to this idiot.

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    1. Finally had the time to read the chapter.

      So what a surprise, Bette was Tina’s teacher and now Jenny is there too, rattled Tina out to her sister and ended up with dumbass Eric.

      I have to think about what Tina mentioned in the prologue, how was prison? Did they have a secret relationship and were exposed and betrayed by Jenny, which landed Bette in prison because relationships are forbidden between teachers and students?

      I am so looking forward to read how the story will unfold!

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