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    Chapter 11

    Bette nods and casts her eyes over the books on the shelf.

    (Bette) And do you do it often?

    Tina smiles and shakes her head, focusing her attention on another book.

    (Tina) Never. I don’t stay still long enough to manage it

    Bette continues to examine her, and Tina looks to her and smiles and shrugs as she moves to the next aisle.

    (Tina) But I do love it though

    They continue on through the streets of Imerovigli, and decide to stop for an early dinner at a tucked away restaurant that draws their attention as they pass. They sit together at a booth and share a range of different dishes, and then sit back over a glass of wine.

    Tina holds up her glass.

    (Tina) Shall we head off after these?

    Bette nods and has a sip of her wine, and Tina gestures to a passing staff member who brings over their bill and places it on the table. Tina reaches for it and Bette smiles as she reaches over and takes it from her.

    (Bette) You don’t have to pay for everything

    Tina smiles as Bette leans forward and runs her eyes over the bill.

    (Bette) After all you were only taking back what I once took from your friend

    Tina smiles and has a sip of wine.

    (Tina) Well, plus interest

    Bette gives a small laugh and nods.

    (Bette) Yes, plus interest

    They share a smile, and Bette then focuses back on the bill and signs it. Bette then turns back to her and shifts closer, and Tina smiles as Bette leans in and kisses her gently behind her ear.

    (Bette) Did you want to get a drink somewhere on the way back?

    She lays another kiss on Tina’s neck, and speaks into her ear.

    (Bette) Or should we head straight back to the hotel?

    Tina closes her eyes and smiles.

    (Tina) Hotel

    (Bette smiles) OK

    The staff member arrives back and Bette hands them the bill and smiles at them. Tina finishes her wine and places her glass back on the table.

    (Tina) I just need to pick something up from my room, and then I can come to yours

    Bette looks over at her.


    1. I had guessed that Tina was going to do something…. but this was a little unexpected. It appears that she anticipated meeting Bette again as she had Bette’s jewelry with her when she traveled.

      Seems strange though that this is the second time she has awakened to an empty bed on Tina’s last day of vacation. So let’s see what happens when they meet up in August…

      Thanks for the chapter… please post soon.

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