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    Chapter 11

    “Yes, it’s taking up a lot more time than I thought it would,” I had to admit the promotion had meant longer hours which were driving me crazy.

    “she also tells me you’ve written a few short stories,”

    “Why would she tell you that?”

    “Because I own and run Peabody Publishing,”

    I shook my head, now I knew why Bette had left us alone.

    “if you’re doing Bette a favour, no thank you,”

    “I would like to read one.”

    “Are you sure?” I’d not really shared my stories with anyone but Bette.

    “Yes, here is my card with my direct email on it. I expect one of your stories in my inbox,”

    “okay,” I smile softly as Peggy gives me the card and simply leaves. I watch her go a little shocked. Could I finally find a way into publishing my work. if it meant I could follow my passion for writing instead of making other peoples works better, maybe with would be worth it. I look at the card in my hand and get this overwhelming feeling that my life is about to change forever.




    I come out of my study and see that Bette is lay on the sofa, her reading glasses on the end of her nose reading a box. I walk over and lift her feet up and put them onto my lap. I rub her leg.

    “You told Peggy about my short stories.”

    “I did,” Bette says she puts her book down to one side and takes her glasses off.


    “Because I believe you should be published,”

    “She’s Helena’s mother”

    “She’s nothing like Helena,”

    “She’s very forward.”

    “I’m guessing you’ve sent the email”

    “Yes, it could lead to nothing,” I say softly.

    “Let this play out okay?” Bette says softly

    I nod, rubbing her leg, I sit back with my head against the back of the sofa and close my eyes. My mind is racing. I feel Bette move, she wraps her arms around me my head resting on her shoulder.

    “Maybe you should try and get some sleep,” she says kissing me gently on the cheek.

    “I didn’t sleep well last night,”

    “I know perhaps this promotion is too much,”

    “My can’t always switch off, I try too.” I shake my head.

    “Right, how about we go to bed now?”

    I smile as Bette gets up and takes my hands, we head upstairs, I do my usual of checking on Noah, he is sleeping soundly. I kiss him gently and go back to our bedroom, Bette was putting our PJs out. i sit on our bed and kick off my shoes. Bette sits beside me she can see my energy levels are low. She gently rubs my back and for some reason I started to cry. It wasn’t something I could control. It just happened.

    Bette wraps her arms around me and holds me close.

    “I’m sorry,” I manage. Between sobs.

    “It’s fine, let it out. I’m sure it’s better out than in,”

    I hold her as I cry. My body shaking. I really cannot explain what has come out over me. Maybe this new promotion is getting to me. I’ve been working long hours and barely spending time with Noah and Bette and it had finally come to me that I cannot do this. I need to be close to the two people in my life that mean the most me.

    I cry myself out and just sit for a moment.

    “My head hurts,” I say softly.

    “crying can do that. Would you like a bottle of water?”

    “Please,” I whisper as I get up and slowly pull my clothes off and get into my more comfortable PJs. I get onto our bed and lay down on my side. Trying to forget the world, but knowing it really wasn’t working. Something had to change and change soon.

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    1. Promotion can be good but not if it means you spend less with your family.
      I hope Peggy loves the short story Tina send her.

      Bette is so supportive and is so attuned to Tina’s emotions.

      Love this story!

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