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    Chapter 11

    (Bette) You’re not going to answer?

    Tina smiles and again moves her hand through Bette’s hair to the back of her head.

    (Tina) Tomorrow. You’ll get your answer in the morning

    Tina pulls her back in and talks to her through the kiss.

    (Tina) For now let’s go to bed

    Bette smiles and wraps her arms further around her, and they move together towards the terrace doors.

    The next morning, Bette stirs and moves her hand across the bed, furrowing her brow as she takes in the feel of the cool sheets.

    She opens her eyes and lifts her head, glancing around the empty room. She sits up slowly and casts her eyes over the empty bed beside her, and the empty chair by the bed where Tina had placed her bag and her clothes.

    Bette sits for a moment and then lifts her hand to her face and covers her eyes, lying back down on the bed. She opens her eyes and looks to the ceiling, sighing and shaking her head.

    After a short while, Bette rises from the bed and makes her way to the kitchen. She makes herself a coffee and pours herself a mug, and then moves to stand by the terrace doors and looks out to the view. She looks over the spectacular coastline beneath her, and sighs and has a sip from her mug. She stands there for a long while, taking in the view and sipping on her coffee, deep in thought.

    She then furrows her brow and slowly looks over her shoulder, her eyes fixing on the wardrobe across the room.

    Bette holds her position for a long moment and then slowly steps across the room, pausing and placing the mug on the coffee table as she passes it.

    She opens the wardrobe and kneels down in front of the safe. She pauses for a moment and then enters the combination and opens it. She raises her eyebrows as she takes in the contents of the safe, sitting still and casting her eyes over the space.

    She then leans forward and picks up her watch, giving a small laugh as she runs her fingers over the face. She casts her eyes over her returned jewellery and then pauses as she notices a neatly folded piece of paper.

    She picks up the note and reads it.

    Time and place: Casa Di Marco, Siena, last week of August.

    Bette sits back on her feet and exhales, and then smiles to herself.


    1. I had guessed that Tina was going to do something…. but this was a little unexpected. It appears that she anticipated meeting Bette again as she had Bette’s jewelry with her when she traveled.

      Seems strange though that this is the second time she has awakened to an empty bed on Tina’s last day of vacation. So let’s see what happens when they meet up in August…

      Thanks for the chapter… please post soon.

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