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    Chapter 10


    “Mommy,” Noah opens my office door fully and walks in, he is wearing his school uniform and I know that Bette has collected him. usually I would but I’ve had a meeting with my team in LA and had to stay here.

    I look up at him and smile

    “Hey buddy, how was school?” I ask as he comes in, his shirt half tucked in half out, his tie no longer straight, his blazer missing. He looks cute even at the end of the day when his clothes show the days use.

    “I did, I got a well done on reading.”

    “You did, I can’t wait to read your report card for the week,” Every Friday his school send us a report card.

    “Cool, can I have ice cream please?”

    “Perhaps you should get changed and I’ll take us out for dinner how does that sound?”

    “Cool can we go get pizza?”

    “I’m sure we can manage that.” He runs off and I smile as the door frame is now filled with my woman. she looks as good and as put together as she did when she left with Noah this morning. I look at myself in a blouse and dress pants, I’ve had to dress up for my meeting.

    “Hey,” She says smiling at me.

    “Hey, are you okay with going out for a family dinner,” I smile softly as I get up and walk towards her.

    “I’m fine with that, I think we should both change into more causal clothes.” Bette smiles.

    “You just want to see me half naked,” I make the remark without thinking. She has this brilliant way of putting me at ease and recently I’ve become more and more open with my feelings and thoughts towards her. since everything with Logan I know have a deeper love and respect for her.

    “I do but I’m a woman in love.” she takes me into her arms and kisses me. “How was your meeting?”

    “Productive.” I say as we both break away and head up to our bedroom. “I’ve been offered a promotion.”

    “Sorry what?” She turns to me as I sit on the bed and look at her grinning.

    “I’ve been offered a promotion.”

    “I thought you were at the top of the game for script editors.”

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    1. Great to see a new chapter!

      Tina is doing so well and now this promotion, she deserves it and Bette, i love your Bette, so loving, do supportive!

      Helena, i will never trust that woman!

      Look forward to read the next chapter!

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