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    Chapter 10

    The next morning, Bette makes her way down to the hotel restaurant. She walks in and is greeted by a staff member who directs her out onto the large terrace overlooking the coast.

    Bette makes her way outside and stops and smiles as she sees Tina sipping on a coffee and reading a book at one of the tables.

    Bette approaches and Tina looks to her and smiles, placing her book aside.

    (Bette smiles) Hi

    (Tina smiles) Hi

    Bette nods towards the table.

    (Bette) May I join you?

    Tina smiles at her and gestures to the seat opposite.

    (Tina) Of course

    She nods towards the fruit platter set out in front of her on the table.

    (Tina) And help yourself to any of this

    Bette smiles and settles opposite her, and a member of the staff comes past the table and takes her order. Bette orders a coffee and a couple of additional dishes, and then looks to Tina once the staff member has moved away.

    (Bette) So how long are you here for?

    (Tina) In Santorini?

    Bette nods and Tina picks up her coffee.

    (Tina) Three nights, I leave the day after tomorrow

    Bette nods, and they maintain eye contact as Tina has a sip of coffee.

    The staff member returns and places the coffee and dishes on the table. They both smile their thanks and then turn back to each other.

    (Bette) And where are you taking me today?

    Tina smiles at her for a moment.

    (Tina) You can choose, is there anywhere you particularly want to go?

    Bette has a sip of coffee and thinks for a moment.

    (Bette) I wouldn’t mind getting to Akrotiri, we didn’t last time

    (Tina smiles) OK, I know a nice spot for lunch near there as well actually

    They smile at each other as they both settle back and sample from their various dishes.

    They finish their breakfast and then make their way outside to where Tina’s scooter is parked. They ride together along the coast, both enjoying the spectacular scenery they are driving through, and the feel of the other’s body closely against their own as they travel along.

    They spend a couple of hours at Akrotiri, taking in the buildings and artefacts of the ancient buried city. They then return to the scooter and make their way along the coast, stopping at the restaurant that Tina recommended.

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    1. I believe Bette is in this for something other than a financial reward. I think that she is incredibly attracted to Tina and wants her in her life. But, the only way that can happen is to put the stolen money aside and just be with Tina in the moment. No plans, no objectives, just enjoy what is and hope there will be more. And when Tina feels that Bette is not a threat, she too will want the same thing.

      Great story… thank you for the posting.

    2. Interesting turn of events.

      Still feel that Tina is holding back and only in this for the short term.

      Hopefully Bette can convince her to consider them being together.

      Thanks for the update.

    3. I’m wondering how committed Tina is to develop a relationship with Bette. She doesn’t appear to want to provide any info to Bette while Bette seems to be interested in starting a relationship.

      Just wondering.

      Great writing.

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