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    Chapter 11

    (Tina) This can’t be good news. Why are you calling me and not standing here in front of me?

    (Bette) My flight was diverted. I’m in Boston.

    Tina runs her fingers through her hair.

    (Tina) Fuck

    (Bette) I know, I’m trying to get another organised now, but Tee I’m going to have to go straight there

    (Tina) Baby…

    (Bette) I know

    (Tina) It’s been ten days! And now I’m supposed to spend the whole night watching you across a room?

    (Bette) I’m sorry Tee, I’ll make it up to you when we get home

    (Tina sighs) OK well I guess I’ll see you there


    Later, Bette’s car pulls up in front of the building and she steps out and strides through the double doors at the entrance. She immediately spots Tina when she scans the room, and her chest and stomach tighten at the sight of her in her figure hugging black dress. She wonders how on earth she is going to get through this evening without pulling her into a dark corner. Tina looks up at that moment and feels her breath catch when she meets Bette’s eyes and sees the same desire she is feeling reflected back at her, before Bette drops her gaze and scans her eyes over her body. Someone touches Tina’s arm and she is pulled back into the conversation of the small group she is standing with. She returns to the conversation without missing a beat, while glancing at a clock on a far wall and mentally calculating how long until she’ll be able to have Bette all to herself.

    They continue stealing glances at one another throughout the evening, both finding it near impossible to stop looking to the other across the crowded room.

    Later in the evening, Bette is in a conversation with Evelyn Kelleher, the current Speaker of the House of Representatives, and a significant behind the scenes player in the Democratic Party.

    (Kelleher) You’re doing well this evening Bette, as usual. I knew I was right in pushing so hard for you to nominate

    Bette smiles.

    (Bette) Well you do drive a hard bargain Evelyn, I would think it a rarity for you to not get what you want

    They smile at each other and both turn to glance around the room. Bette’s eyes once again fix on Tina, who is involved in a discussion on the other side of the room. Kelleher follows Bette’s gaze, before looking back at her.

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    1. This I did not see coming. I thought it would be the male senator from an earlier chapter. Bette’s response to Tina about being outed surprised me. Shouldn’t she confide in Tina what was said? Storm clouds are brewing. There is a senator from Ohio married to a columnist and that seems to be working out. Of corse, there is Mary Matalin and James Carvelle, who are married and each spokespersons for opposing political parties. They do a better job in representation than George Conway and Kellyanne Conway, opposing parties but never appear together. There is some political history to draw from…difficult road for Tibette if you use today’s political climate. Can’t wait for next chapter

    2. Well, the Speaker of the House knows….. Bette needs to tell Tina this… they need to decide what to do now as the situation has changed. The Senator is right, it will become public. Bette and Tina are now subject to blackmail individually and as a couple. Silence for a price. Don’t pay the price, the information goes public and everybody’s life goes into chaos. Or…. go public themselves….. Or break up again permanently. It appears that their non-commitment commitment is at a crossroads. Bette and Tina need to talk and formulate a plan and decide what they want their life to be. Typical political move… find a weakness and use it to your own benefit… and all organizations are political…. Show me a buisness or a organization without politics and I will show you a sole proprietor with no assistant or employees….. Storm is brewing big time. Time is of the essence now. Not something they can put off for very long. And no decision subjects them to the whims of unknown others. So Bette – woman up and tell Tina what has happened like this weekend.

      Thanks for the chapter….

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