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    Chapter 11

    (Kelleher) I actually caught the radio interview you two did in DC a while back. It was charming. Rarely do you see a politician and journalist so at ease with one another

    Bette looks back at Kelleher quickly, before recovering and answering confidently.

    (Bette) Well then she is skilled at her job I guess, maybe she should consider a move from print journalism

    They stare at each other for a moment before Kelleher speaks casually.

    (Kelleher) I thought it might have more to do with my having seen her sneaking into your hotel room the week of the correspondents’ dinner

    Bette stops still and stares at her, and Kelleher sighs.

    (Kelleher) I was hoping that I wouldn’t need to address this. I actually thought that the New York Times article may have taken care of the situation. But by the way you two have been looking at one another all night, I guess you have what? Kissed and made up?

    (Bette) Evelyn…

    (Kelleher) Save it Bette. You two are both far too clever for this silliness, you need to stop what you’re doing immediately.

    Kelleher pauses and looks at her, while Bette looks back at her uncertainly.

    (Kelleher) I obviously won’t be sharing this information with anyone. It’s not in my interest to scandalize my star recruit. But take it from me, and my many years of experience in this game, these things always come out eventually

    Bette stares at her, caught wrong-footed and unsure of how to respond.

    (Kelleher) And I’ll leave you on that note. Senator Kielson is just about breaking his neck to try to get my attention, I’ll go and put him out of his misery

    She turns to leave, placing her hand on Bette’s shoulder with a look of warning as she moves away.

    Late in the evening, Tina sidles up next to Bette in a quiet moment. They stand side by side while having a discreet conversation.

    (Tina) My God, is it just me or is this the longest event you’ve ever attended?

    They share a smile, and Tina bites her lip.

    (Tina) And how has your night been?

    Bette looks at her for a moment before responding.

    (Bette) Uneventful

    (Tina) Well that’s good to hear. I saw you talking to Congresswoman Kelleher. I had a strange conversation with her earlier – she was talking about our interview in DC, I was worried she suspected something.

    Tina pauses for a sip of her wine while Bette looks straight ahead.

    (Tina) But I assume she’d approach you directly if she did

    Bette looks back at her.

    (Bette) Yes, she would

    Bette smiles at her reassuringly.

    (Bette) There’s nothing to worry about

    Tina smiles.

    (Tina) Are you far away?

    (Bette) No, a round of goodbyes

    (Tina) Don’t dawdle

    (Bette smiles) Oh I won’t

    They share a smile as Tina makes her way to the exit. Bette sighs and takes a sip of her drink as she watches her leave.


    Later, Tina’s apartment. Bette knocks and Tina answers quickly, and they lunge towards each other immediately. They fall against the open door, Tina directing them inside while struggling to close it behind them while totally lost in Bette.

    (Bette) I’m so sorry, I couldn’t get away from Hoffman wanting to talk endlessly about some committee, I was so keen to go and to see you I couldn’t even focus on what she was saying. I possibly agreed to join, not sure…

    They continue their kiss as Tina removes Bette’s coat and Bette slips Tina’s tshirt over her head.

    (Bette) Oh my God these ten days have been hellish, and then followed by what was quite possibly the longest night of…

    (Tina) Baby, stop talking

    Tina hoists herself up and wraps her legs around her, and Bette walks them to the bedroom.

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    1. This I did not see coming. I thought it would be the male senator from an earlier chapter. Bette’s response to Tina about being outed surprised me. Shouldn’t she confide in Tina what was said? Storm clouds are brewing. There is a senator from Ohio married to a columnist and that seems to be working out. Of corse, there is Mary Matalin and James Carvelle, who are married and each spokespersons for opposing political parties. They do a better job in representation than George Conway and Kellyanne Conway, opposing parties but never appear together. There is some political history to draw from…difficult road for Tibette if you use today’s political climate. Can’t wait for next chapter

    2. Well, the Speaker of the House knows….. Bette needs to tell Tina this… they need to decide what to do now as the situation has changed. The Senator is right, it will become public. Bette and Tina are now subject to blackmail individually and as a couple. Silence for a price. Don’t pay the price, the information goes public and everybody’s life goes into chaos. Or…. go public themselves….. Or break up again permanently. It appears that their non-commitment commitment is at a crossroads. Bette and Tina need to talk and formulate a plan and decide what they want their life to be. Typical political move… find a weakness and use it to your own benefit… and all organizations are political…. Show me a buisness or a organization without politics and I will show you a sole proprietor with no assistant or employees….. Storm is brewing big time. Time is of the essence now. Not something they can put off for very long. And no decision subjects them to the whims of unknown others. So Bette – woman up and tell Tina what has happened like this weekend.

      Thanks for the chapter….

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