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    Chapter 12

    Chapter 12

    A few weeks later, Tina is driving and answers her cell.

    (Alice) Hey Tee

    (Tina smiles) Hi Alice, what’s going on?

    (Alice) I was just wondering what you and Bette are doing Saturday night?

    (Tina) Oh, well, we have dinner reservations I’m sorry. Bette booked a while back and I think she’s excited about it

    (Alice) How’s she going with the show preparations? We haven’t seen her in forever it seems like

    (Tina frowns) Oh, well she’s very busy and stressed of course. But OK. I’m on my way to drop in on her at the gallery now

    Alice raises her eyebrows.

    (Alice) That’s a privilege I don’t think many have had before

    Alice pauses and thinks for a moment.

    (Alice) I think you’re the first actually

    Tina smiles.

    (Alice sighs) Well I guess we’ll just see her at her opening the next weekend then

    (Tina) Well it’s a bit of a different lead in for her this time. The artist agreed to the show on the condition everything is organised a week out

    (Alice) Oh I forgot about that, so she’s not so busy after Friday then?

    (Tina) Yes I think she’s pretty free

    (Alice) OK great. I can’t twist your arm for Saturday though?

    Tina raises her eyebrows.

    (Tina) I don’t know Alice, she’s having such a crazy time of it this week. I think she’s really looking forward to this restaurant

    (Alice) She won’t mind cancelling as long as you’re still involved in her plans

    Tina smiles as she pulls up at a set of lights. She stares out the window for a moment.

    (Tina) Is there a reason you’re talking to me about this, and not her?

    (Alice) Well sure, she’d tell me to fuck off

    Tina laughs and shakes her head.

    (Alice) Spend Sunday together, and hang out with us Saturday. We’ve barely seen either of you in weeks

    Tina smiles.

    (Alice) You know, you don’t have to disappear when Bette does by the way. We can hang out without her

    (Tina smiles) Good to know. OK, I’ll talk to her

    Tina arrives at the gallery and approaches James, who is standing over his desk rifling through paperwork and talking on the phone. He smiles as he sees her approach and Tina holds up a bag of takeout to him. James ends the call and they smile at each other.

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