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    Chapter 14

    “I had a nightmare,”


    “Yes, my legs were like Jello. I just wanted some water. I just lost it.”

    “Accident happens,” Bette says with a soft smile.

    “You’re safe.”

    “I am. Thanks to you,” I say softly.

    Bette reaches over and kisses my forehead.

    “I love you Ti,”

    “I love you too,” I smile, before I feel drained again, my eyes close and I drift slowly back to sleep with Bette gently running her fingers through my hair.




    I’ve spent the morning with the doctor. The whole accident could have been a lot worse and I’m being discharged. I’ve hurt myself but nothing serious. Everything will heal. I’m home now, lay on our sofa. Noah is curled into my side. Sleeping. He was so pleased to see me. But I don’t think he knew how excited I was to see him.

    Bette walks in and sits on the floor beside me, just taking in the sight of me and Noah.

    “I was scared,” Bette whispers. I know it’s hard for to talk about weaknesses.

    “I’m sorry I scared you,”

    “I just keep thinking I can keep you safe.”

    “You keep me a lot safer than you think.” I reach out and touch her face.

    “I’m glad you’re home,”

    “Me too and I’m glad that I’m not as broken as I could have been. I just need to rest up.”

    “Yeah, for the next week at least you are taking it easy,”

    “If you say so,” I smile, knowing that she’s going to make me rest if I like it or not.

    “I do,”


    “yes love,”

    “Thank you,”

    She looks at me with those big brown eyes.

    “For what?”

    “Just loving me, being there for me. Taking on me and my son,”

    “You never need to thank me for that. You’re my world and so is Noah.”

    “Sweet talker,”

    “you know it.” She laughs.

    We enjoy a comfortable silence for a little while. My fingers are gently running through Noah’s hair.

    “This is amazing,“ I say softly.


    “This is my family. When I left home, I never thought I’d have a family. I just thought it would be me and my baby, I wouldn’t find someone to share my life with. I have so much baggage that I hoped it would be okay. But you stepped into my life and now look at us.”

    “You followed me to the other side of the USA as well.”

    “once I’d been with you I knew I couldn’t live without you.”

    “I didn’t want to leave once I meet you. I wasn’t expecting to meet someone,”

    “Someone with a kid?”

    “Well that’s just an amazing addition.”

    “Sweet talker you,” I laugh.

    “He and you have changed my world Ti, we are going to get you fully recovered and get you started at college.”

    We sit for a moment and suddenly my stomach makes it known that I’m hungry.

    “I will make us some food. I know it’s late but you have to eat.”

    “Okay, something simple will be fine,”

    “I can do that babe,” Bette gets up and kisses my lips. The kiss lingers. I reach up with my free hand and gently running along her face. She pulls away and smiles at me. Bette has this amazing smile that lights up her whole face. It’s the sexist thing.

    I know I’m one lucky lady. I’ve got my lover and my son.

    Bette goes into the kitchen. I just lay there. Snuggling my son. Yeah I may hurt all over but at least I’m at home. With my family.

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