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    Chapter 15

    It’s been two months since my accident and I’m fully recovered. Bette has taken the best care of me and Noah. Today is a massive day for us, I’m getting Noah dressed in smart dress pants, a shirt and vest.



    “Today’s the day that Mama becomes my mama for real,”

    “Yep buddy today is the day.”

    “I’m excited.”

    I smile at him. I’m so proud of how well he has settled into life in New York. He loves school, he is enjoying life and tells everyone that he has two mommies. We’ve been waiting for months for our hearing date and it’s finally come. Logan’s lawyers had tried to contact mine but they had just rejected his wishes. He has no rights to my son.

    Bette walked out of our bedroom and came downstairs and I couldn’t help but smile. She was wearing dress pants that almost matched Noah’s and with a shirt and vest. Noah looked at her and grinned.

    “Mama you copied my look,”

    “I did, because it’s a good look,”

    “We matching for my gotta ya day.”

    We had been reading a lot about adoption and had learnt it was called ‘gotta ya day’ Noah had taken to it in a massive way. He loves Bette because she gives him time and attention. I’m very lucky that Bette has taken to him. I couldn’t have even thought about having a relationship with her.

    “We are, today is a big day for us,” Bette said as she picked up Noah and kissed him. he hugged her. I took my phone out and took a number of photos of them.

    “Are you two ready?”

    “I need my shoes mommy,”

    “Oh year, let’s put your vans on.” I get his vans and help him put them on. “Your look is complete.”

    He laughs and hugs me.

    “I’m ready now mommy, lets do this, “

    I laugh at him. I look at Bette who is grinning. She looks stunning.

    “Yeah let’s do this Ti,” She says laughing.

    I shake my head. I’m ready for this.  I know I will marry Bette soon as well. My life is starting to feel a lot better than it ever has.




    We arrive at the court house and Bette is holding my hand and Noah’s in her other. She’s smiling as we approach our lawyer.

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    1. Hmm, how did they get her number??? Did Logan make the connection through a HS friend back home???

      If I was Tina, I’d block the number and move on. But that would make for a shorter story. So, good thing I’m not the author and you are!

    2. If her parents had not acted as they did, Tina would never have found Bette….. she would still be in North Carolina….with every bad thing, there is sometimes a silver lining…. My recommendation…. when Tina is ready and have a phone conversation and based on that, then decide what the future relationship will be and what it will not be. Thanks for the chapter.

    3. I think Bette and Tina should get their lawyer to contact these people, get their information and tell them to cease and desist in their effort to get in touch with her. I don’t know if they found out the truth about what happened or they want something else from Tina, but she should be the one to decide when and if she is ready to speak to them. I think if there is a meeting they should have a third-party present as a witness. Post soon please.

    4. So sorry, been very busy with work and family matters.

      Yes Noah Kennard – Porter , finally the adoption is done.

      But what a way to spoil the good mood by that message from the biological parents of Tina. Don’t know what I would do if they contacted me, i am adopted, but if i was Tina i would talk this trough with Bette and if she wants to see or speak with them they should have a laywer or somebody else with them, i don’t trust them.

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