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    Chapter 15

    “Good Morning, Ms Porter, Ms Kennard, Noah,”

    “Hi Thomas, is it all going ahead?”

    “It would appear we are fine, Mr Logan Johnstone has signed all the documents. He is still very angry,”

    “He is a jackass,” I mutter.

    Bette looks at me,

    “I’m ready for this.” Bette smiled.

    We followed Thomas into the court room and we sit down. The judge comes in.

    “Hello, good morning. We are here for the second parent adoption, Noah Kennard.”

    Noah sat in his seat holding my hand, he was sort of leaning on Bette.

    “Ms Tina Kennard,” I stood when the judge said my name. “You’ve raised a remarkable young man, I understand you’ve been on your own for most of his life until you entered into a relationship with Ms Porter.”

    “I did your honour,” I say smiling as Noah stands beside me he takes my hand.

    “You are totally positive that you wish for Ms Porter to adopt Noah,”

    “Yes. Bette is the best thing to ever happen to me, and us. We’ve moved from LA to New York to be with her. She’s nursed me through an accident and showed time and time again that she’s an amazing mother and partner. I intend to spend the rest of my life with her. We are engaged to be married.”

    The judge nods at my words.

    “I’ve read all the reports and I’m happy. I do have a question for Noah,”

    Noah is still stood beside me and looks at the judge shocked.

    “Do you want this Noah?”

    Noah thought for a moment,

    “Yes, mama Better is the best. She can build legos with me. She helps me with my reading and my spellings. She knows lots of cool stuff. She reads to me when mommy is busy. She is my mama. I love her.” Noah blurted out.

    I grinned at him, I looked at Bette who was smiling.

    “Ms Porter,” Bette stood and Noah went to her, she picked him up holding him close.

    “You’re a remarkable woman, not a lot of women would take on a child yet you have done this. I grant the adoption. Will Noah be changing his last name?”

    “Yes,” I say, “We wish for him to become Noah Kennard Porter.”

    “I grant this as well. You’re a delightful family and I grant the second parent adoption.”





    I am overjoyed, I’m sat in on our sofa and watching Bette and Noah playing lego’s together.

    “Mama that bit doesn’t go there, look,” He showed her the manual and she nodded.

    “You’re right buddy, where does it go?”

    He showed her. I got up and went into the kitchen, I made our dinner, listening to them  playing. This really is the life. Today had been wonderful. My phone beeps and I see a text.

    “I’m looking for Tina Kennard, she left North Carolina five years ago and we want to reconnect with her. I am hoping I’ve finally found you Tina. we love you and we regret what happened. please respond to me us love mom and dad. (Chrisie and Jim Kennard)”

    I look at my phone in shock. This cannot be happening. they are the last people I expected to try and find me.

    Bette comes up and looks at me.

    “Are you okay?”

    “No,” I admit, I hand her my phone and look at her

    “You don’t have reply if you don’t want too.”

    “I don’t know what to do, I really don’t…”

    And I don’t dear reader. I have no clue if I should even try and have a relationship with these people. They didn’t believe me. They made me leave. Oh god….

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    1. Hmm, how did they get her number??? Did Logan make the connection through a HS friend back home???

      If I was Tina, I’d block the number and move on. But that would make for a shorter story. So, good thing I’m not the author and you are!

    2. If her parents had not acted as they did, Tina would never have found Bette….. she would still be in North Carolina….with every bad thing, there is sometimes a silver lining…. My recommendation…. when Tina is ready and have a phone conversation and based on that, then decide what the future relationship will be and what it will not be. Thanks for the chapter.

    3. I think Bette and Tina should get their lawyer to contact these people, get their information and tell them to cease and desist in their effort to get in touch with her. I don’t know if they found out the truth about what happened or they want something else from Tina, but she should be the one to decide when and if she is ready to speak to them. I think if there is a meeting they should have a third-party present as a witness. Post soon please.

    4. So sorry, been very busy with work and family matters.

      Yes Noah Kennard – Porter , finally the adoption is done.

      But what a way to spoil the good mood by that message from the biological parents of Tina. Don’t know what I would do if they contacted me, i am adopted, but if i was Tina i would talk this trough with Bette and if she wants to see or speak with them they should have a laywer or somebody else with them, i don’t trust them.

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