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    Chapter 15

    Chapter 15

    The next Saturday morning, Tina and Helena are wandering a market together. They walk alongside each other along a path and Tina pauses to examine a display at the entrance of a stall.

    (Helena) Oh what in the…

    Tina turns and sees Helena standing on one foot and examining the bottom of her shoe. Helena looks up and frowns at Tina before moving off the path to clean her shoe on the grass.

    (Helena) Bloody markets

    Tina smiles as she watches Helena struggling to clean her shoe by running her foot along the grass. Helena shakes her head as she removes her shoe and hobbles over to a nearby tree to clean it against. She looks to Tina with raised eyebrows.

    (Helena) God I must love you a lot. I don’t think I’ve ever stepped in something shopping on Rodeo Drive

    Tina makes eye contact with the stall owner and they both smile. She then steps towards Helena and shrugs.

    (Tina) Again Hel, didn’t have to come

    (Helena sighs) I know, I just really wanted to see you today. Do you always have to be bloody here though?

    Helena puts her shoe back on and walks back to the path, raising an eyebrow at Tina as she approaches. They continue on to the next stall and Tina glances over at Helena as she begins to survey the tables.

    (Tina) Why so keen to see me then?

    Helena smiles.

    (Helena) Well, I have news actually

    Tina looks up at her and examines her for a moment, smiling once she sees the obvious excitement in Helena’s eyes.

    (Tina) Oh?

    (Helena smiles) I met someone

    Tina smiles broadly and Helena raises her eyebrows and shrugs.

    (Tina laughs) Well you certainly look excited about it

    Helena smiles as she casts her eyes over the tables.

    (Helena) Quite excited, actually

    They meet eyes and smile. When the stall owner’s back is turned Helena pulls a face and shakes her head, gesturing towards the next stalls. Tina laughs and they continue on, Tina bumping her shoulder against her affectionately as they go.

    (Tina) Tell me, I want to know everything

    Helena turns to her and smiles.

    (Helena) She’s wonderful, and gorgeous and completely obsessed with me

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    1. So Tina decided in college before age 21, that she never wanted a relationship that involved future and commitment. She decided that she was going just to flit from one partner to another for the rest of her life? What she saying is that she never wants to depend on someone else. She never wants to share her life with someone else. She never wants anyone with whom she can truly be connected to and they be connected to her. What she really does not want is to love someone? She is now in her mid to late thirties? So she has decided that what she really wants is a life of isolation and solitude? When the right person comes along, then all of that mantra will go out the window. If you are with the wrong person, then it does feel stifling and confining. But with the right person it feels like a warm blanket – comforting, inviting, welcoming….. So Tina, the decision now is in your court. Are you happy with your decision to break it off with Bette? Are you really? Well, if you are this will be your life forever. You can go home and sit on your patio and think about what might have been. Or you can roll the dice and see what happens. Oh yes, and there is always an end date to every relationship…. for the good ones its called death… One more thing. Choosing to leave Bette IS a decision to follow your own plan for the future whether you acknowledge that or not. You are simply choosing for Bette not to be a part of it. You are choosing a future of being alone…. You see, there are no decision you can ever make which is not about the future.

      Thanks for the chapter. Helena, you are now my hero… I hope this new woman is the one for you…

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