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    Chapter 14

    Chapter 14

    A few weeks later, the Planet, Saturday evening. Tina enters and makes her way towards the bar. She sees Kit having an animated conversation with a staff member behind the bar, as others move hurriedly past them carrying various boxes. Tina takes a seat on one of the bar stools and Kit smiles at her as she steps towards her.

    (Kit) Hey, Tina, how you doing tonight?

    (Tina smiles) I’m great Kit

    Tina nods over Kit’s shoulder.

    (Tina)  How’s everything here?

    (Kit sighs) Not great. Late deliveries, and two of my staff are no shows

    She nods towards a staff member walking through to the kitchen.

    (Kit) And this one is working their second shift and I’m not sure they’re working out. So I’ll be helping out on the floor but I’m still basically two down

    Tina nods and Kit turns back to her and sighs.

    (Kit) Chaos already and we’re not even busy yet

    Kit smiles as she leans on the bar and touches Tina’s arm affectionately.

    (Kit) Anyway, you meeting Bette?

    Tina nods distractedly as she watches the staff member in the kitchen attempt to reach for something on the top shelf of a trolley.

    (Tina) Ah, yes, she’s been held up though

    There is a loud crash as the entire trolley is pulled down onto the floor, sending its contents across the kitchen. Tina cringes and she looks past Kit with widened eyes as Kit remains facing her, closing her eyes and afraid to look at what’s behind her. Tina focuses back on Kit and smiles.

    (Tina) I bartended and waited tables all through college. I’m happy to work for the night if it would help

    Kit opens her eyes and turns and looks to the kitchen, shaking her head at the scene. She turns back to Tina.

    (Kit) If you’re serious I will most definitely take you up on that offer

    Tina smiles as she rises from her seat and steps behind the bar.

    (Tina) Of course I’m serious, it’ll be fun

    Kit raises her eyebrows as she hands her an apron.

    (Kit) It won’t be baby girl, but I like the enthusiasm

    They smile at each other as Tina picks up some menus and steps towards the seating chart displayed on the wall, and Kit makes her way to the kitchen.

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    1. No no it can’t end this way. But i agree with Bette that she shouldn’t contact Tina, let Tina contact Bette and stop running away. They are clearly in love with each other and i don’t know why Tina is so against commitment and a relationship but i hope she will think about it hard and reach out to Bette. It would break my heart if Bette is going to move on.

      Looking forward to the next chapter.

    2. This is Tina’s panic and her reaction to her own feelings for Bette. So she calls it off. Okay. I cannot imagine that Tina is really happy with her decision. I cannot imagine that she does not fall asleep every night without thinking about Bette. Time for Tina to decide if she is really happy with a series of meaningless relationship for the rest of her days or something meaningful which she obviously has with Bette. Bette should not contact Tina. If she does not hear from Tina within a month or so, then sit down and write her a letter expressing how much she enjoyed their time together. Then say good bye and wish her well. Something short, sweet and to the point. Perhaps this will give Bette closure on this episode in her life.

      Thanks for the chapter…

    3. Is Tina sick or something? Is she dying and will only live 10yrs?? Whyyyyyy so scared to commit???? C’mon Tee!! Come back!

      Thanks, K! Been checkin’ everyday for new chaps. :)

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