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    Chapter 17 – LOVE FOR TWO

    “That was fantastic babe.” Tina gushed; she was super excited. “Babe, everything has been fantastic tonight. Thank you again.”

    “You are so welcome sweetie.” Bette’s right hand gently pulled Tina’s face closer to her own. She pressed a quick kiss to the blonde’s lips.

    Tina kissed her back, her one hand coming to rest on Bette’s shoulder as the other hand circled the brunette’s neck, making it impossible for the Brit to pull away. The kiss deepened and took on a life of its own. It grew more insistent, both women unwilling to break contact with each other. They clung to each other as he were finally forced to pull apart to breath.

    They leaned on each other, gathering strength from one another. Tina’s hands moved through Bette’s long curls and played with its ends.

    “This has been a wonderful night babe.” Tina brushed her nose up against Bette’s and nuzzled into her neck.

    “It’s still not over yet.” Bette kissed behind Tina’s ear. “I have one more surprise for you.”

    “Aw babe.” Tina pulled back and looked into Bette’s dark eyes. “You’ve already given me so much.”

    “Well, this is something that I want to give of myself.” Bette’s features were sharp and purposeful.

    “Then, let’s go.” Tina grew serious too. Their moment had finally arrived. She saw it on the brunette’s face. She understood. She took Bette’s hands into her own and squeezed tightly. “Take me home babe. I’m yours. I’m ready.” . . .


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


    Bette’s University Flat – Late Friday Evening > > >


    Damn, T . . .” Bette was cut off from uttering any other words by the blonde’s warm mouth pressing onto hers.

    They had just burst through the flat’s front door, a tangle of arms, hands, mouths and tongues seeking, searching and tasting each other. Bette threw her keys on the table by the door and then kicked said door shut. Her hands and arms were suddenly filled with a hot blonde that was ready to explore.

    Tina had the advantage of entering the flat ahead of Bette. That was a mistake that Bette would play dearly for – but in a very good way. Tina immediately saw her opportunity and pushed the tall brunette back against the hard wooden door, just like her sister Ashley had suggested last week.


      • Hi Aslin,

        Thank you, thank you for continuing to support this story. I know I’ve been a bit late on posting an update – so thanks for your patience.

        Will try to post more often.

        Thanks so much!!

    1. This was excellent!

      Such romance and devotion to each other.

      Both women are so deeply in love with one another. You can just feel that love through your words.

      Awesome update.

      Looking forward to the rest of their journey.

      • Hey JW,

        These two were definitely made for each other & now they’ve finally come home to each other.

        Touches my heart that you liked the chapter so much.

        Their journey continues as we get caught up on their activities & get back to present time.

        Thanks a bunch!!

    2. So the moment of intimacy finally has arrived and been consummated. A romantic scene to be sure. And a declaration to be the last and forever from both of them… With only months to go before Tina will head back to America, anxious to see what the plan is to make this declaration a reality.

      Thanks for the chapter…

      • Hi Martha,

        Thanks for your kind words. I took a bit of poetic license & used that first, last, forever mantra that we have heard so often in regard to Tibette.

        The next few chapters of the novel will the course of their lives & love as we soon jump back to present day.

        Thanks for taking the time to leave your thoughts.

        Stay well.

    3. Really loved this – it was so intimate and touching – their love for one another made me all warm inside. They’re so perfect for each other. The romance, teasing and tender moments were terrific.

      And Tina affirming to Bette that indeed she was ready to take their relationship to the next level –

      “I’ve never been surer of anything in my life.” Tina caressed Bette’s cheek. Her fingers maneuvering the brunette’s chin towards her. The blonde’s hazel eyes turned darker with hunger for the tall Brit. “Make me yours.”

      Wow – How could Bette ever refuse?

      Now – can they make it last??

      Thanks for a great update.

      • Hey Leigh,

        They deserved an intense, intimate love scene that spoke from the heart & touched their souls.

        They are devoted to each other & their journey is just beginning.

        As you can see, they can’t resist each other & we’ll see if they can last.

        Thanks for your thoughts & compliment.

    4. Hey Collins,

      So good to see a new chapter and wow it was an incredible sexy one!

      They finally made love and expressed their deep love by making love, First, last and Forever! It’s what they both feel. Sadly we all know they will separate for a long time, still very curious to read what happened that they didn’t see or spoke to each other for such a long time, but for now I’m very pleased with this chapter, a tribute to making love between two soulmates.

      Hope you are doing well!

      Look forward to the next chapter!

      • Hey friend,

        Thanks for your kind words. Happy that you liked the chapter & their devotion to each other.
        Sweet, young & in love!

        New few chapters will get us back quickly to the present & their meeting in NYC.

        Doing great.

        Stay healthy!!

    5. So happy to read this! What we’ve all been waiting for, Bette & Tina, too..

      I love your writing, Collins, but this chapter was on a whole other level. It was sexy, hot and the intimacy just was so well-written.

      The end of the chapter had my 2 favorite lines –

      “I’ve never loved anyone like this before”


      “you are the first woman I’ve made love to”

      And of course the last line – One that could last a lifetime

      Oh, my heart. I love this story. Thanks Collins!

      • Hey Westy,

        Hope you are doing okay in your neck of the woods – saw all the snowy weather in your area!!

        Yes, we’ve all been waiting for their declaration of love for each other & their consummation.

        Thanks for the super kind words – truly appreciate your take on the chapter. It had so many rewrites, additions & I tried to conjure up a little something different & yet romantic for their first time.
        Think I’ve written a few dozen love scenes by now & it’s a challenge & opportunity to keep them fresh & realistic.

        Their declarations of each other being the first woman they’ve actually made love to was important. I tried to infer that all their other prior relationships were casual, not based on being in love & although the sex may have been good – their love making was beyond what either had ever experienced before.

        Hope springs eternal with them – Yes, it could last a lifetime.

        Until next time – thanks so much & so happy you loved the chapter!!

    6. I love this story – so good.

      It was sizzling hot – you portray them so well – they each have their own personalities and yet, they’re made for each other.

      Can’t wait for what comes next.

      • Hi Erin,

        Thanks for reaching out.

        I try to give the characters depth & realistic dialogue & actions. They are soulmates & belong together – but yet they do have unique personalities, quirks & how they process feelings & info.

        Next chapter coming up very soon. It’s in the final stages of editing.

        Thanks again.

    7. Hey Collins,

      Loved the sexiness and love Tibette had for one another in this chapter. They are true equals – both giving and receiving.

      Fav Lines this chapter –

      Bette – “T, no one had ever reached in and touched my heart and soul like you have.”

      And then end part was just so perfect –

      “You are the first woman I’ve made love to.” Tina held Bette’s hand against her chest. She took a deep breath. She was laying her heart out for Bette to take. “You are my first and hopefully my last.”

      “Mine too babe.” Bette kissed the back of Tina’s hand, her heart in her throat. Her voice caught. “I . . . want you to be my forever too if . . . if you want.”

      “Oh, I want.” Tina let go of Bette’s hand and put her own behind the brunette’s head to pull her down into a passionate kiss that got messy rather quickly. They both fought for control as lips and tongues danced with each other.

      “Be my first, last and forever?” Bette whispered between tiny kisses as they broke for air. Their bodies now wrapped around each other also. Tina’s right leg hooking Bette’s and the brunette’s legs sandwiching Tina’s other limb.

      “Only if you’ll be mine?” Tina cooed as she nibbled along Bette’s strong jawline.

      “Always.” Bette declared as she moved to take Tina into a deeper, passionate kiss, one that could consume them both.

      One that could last a lifetime . . .

      WOW – Awesome chapter – can’t wait for the next!

      • Hey K,

        Thanks ever so much for reading & staying the course with this novel. Seems like I’ve been writing it forever!!

        But I love these two characters & JB/LuH bring them to life & inspire our imaginations.

        They’ll have some more intimate moments in future chapters, but it’s time to move forward & get to the heart of the tale.

        Much appreciate your comment & support.

        Take care.

      • Hey Carol,

        Thanks so much for continuing to follow along with the story.

        Some more catching up to required as to what happened during the years before their breakup. But then right onto their meeting in NYC.

        Almost done editing the next chapter!!

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