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    Chapter 17 – Quick Trip to New Haven

    Tina: Oh, I know we would. I have no doubt in my mind. And depending on the urgency of the matter, you would make sure there was a resolution in short order. Otherwise, it would upset your sense of balance and harmony. That is the thing about you Bette. You love balance and harmony. When you see disorder, you work diligently to correct it. That is another reason that I love you.

    Bette: Really? I never noticed that. Is that how you define my obsession with orderliness?

    Tina:  You do not have an obsession with it. You just like your life to be orderly and balanced. You want life to be within your control and not happen just randomly. But you allow me choices in all matters which count. You allow the children their own control within boundaries. But you do like a schedule and consistency. So, when Alice described you as controlling, well I just don’t see what she means. I think you want life to be predictable so you know what to expect. And that is not what I would call controlling. It took me a while to see that in you. But when I did, it was like a light bulb being turned on in a very dark room. You became so clear to me as to who you were. It became so apparent why I loved you so much. You were not controlling just into order and balance and my love for you has grown ever since.

    Bette: Thank you for telling me that. It puts a different perspective on how I perceived myself.  But you know, I always thought you brought balance and harmony to my life.

    Tina: In a way, I did. I was not exactly predictable in our early life. I was somewhat chaotic in my life prior to you. So, you gave me a different prospective on what life could be with some order and I gave you some challenges to what balance and harmony could look like. I gave you a broader spectrum of what balance and harmony could look like. But not the desire for it to be in your life. I suspect that Melvin gave you the desire for it.

    Bette: Perhaps you are right. Maybe it is all a matter of perspective and how you see things.

    Tina:  You have never been controlling with me nor with the children… you need to dismiss that thought out of your mind.

    Bette: Thank you Sweetie. Do you want some more attention, or are you ready to go to sleep?

    Tina: I’m ready to get some sleep. I believe you have satisfied me rather nicely. How about you? Do you want some more?

    Bette:  No, I am feeling rather cared for and I am grateful for being here with you. I love you Tina, still after all these years.

    Tina: Well, then, lets’ cuddle and get some sleep. I love you, Bette. Sleep well.

    Bette: Come here my woman.  Sleep well. Love you too.

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