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    Chapter 19 – The Wilkins and the Prestons

    They sat down and allowed Daniel and John David tell them about the movie they watch last night. Tina then reminded them that John David will be staying through dinner and that Joey would join them in the afternoon. She suggested that they might want to do their swimming late in the afternoon so that Joey could join them. That is when they were going to talk to the Wilkins about the winter term carpooling, the trip to Yellowstone and having John David come to Scotland with them in August.

    After breakfast, Paris and Jeanette offered to clean the kitchen, but Bette and Tina refused. They then went and got their luggage and said goodbye and went home. Mary and Margaret left on their outing at the same time. Mary was rather affectionate with her younger daughter reminding her that she would see her again next Saturday.

    Bette and Tina clean up the breakfast dishes and prepared the pork chops for tonight’s dinner. They were set back into the fridge. Tina decided to slow cook them but would start them about 2:00 pm. Bette put a large pot of water on to cook the noodles for the tetrazzini. Tina put the chicken in oven to roast to put into the casserole. They then began to make the sauce, the bread crumbs and grate some parmesan. Tina decided that Tuesday night would be salmon, rice, and vegetables. She decided to go ahead and cook and season the rice and store it until Tuesday. She then went and pull out the salmon to defrost. Tina checked the vegetables for the tonight’s dinner and they looked good. She decided to have Bette slice up some green onions and bag them for tonight. They would chop up a few tomatoes during prep tonight. Once the tetrazzini was put together, they decided to do the initial cooking. One would then be put into the freezer and the other would be put in the fridge for tomorrow night.

    Tina: All we need is a large salad to go with this and it will be a complete meal. This normally feeds eight. So that means I’ll have enough for my lunch the next day and Mary too. Okay, so let’s clean up and think about what we want to fix for lunch for the us and the boys.

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