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    Chapter 19 – The Wilkins and the Prestons

    Bette: How about some chicken sandwiches? We have some frozen chicken fingers. We can have some air fired potatoes and some carrot salad and I think that will be enough for lunch.

    Tina: Well, the boys will need two sandwiches each and we will give them a lot of fries. I start working on the carrots. You better get out the lettuce and tomatoes. Oh, and get about three potatoes. You and I will have about a half potato each. They will need more.

    Bette: Is there some special buns for these?

    Tina: Yeah, I’ll get them.

    They were getting everything ready. The boys had been upstairs doing another round of homework. Lunch was finished and served right at noon. Bette called Daniel on his cell phone to ask them to come to lunch. They both hurried down like they once again were starving.

    Daniel: Wow, French fries and chicken sandwiches. Great lunch Mom.

    They ate in the sun room. Daniel and John David had decided to watch another movie after lunch and then swim once it was over. Daniel was thrill with how their morning study session had gone, as he was somewhat ahead in several of his classes. That meant he could go to sleep earlier during the week. Bette questioned him about his sleep habits and he said he thought if he could get an extra half hour more sleep, it would be helpful. His homework had taken a little longer than he had anticipated in the last week or so, but now that he had and extra study session this morning, he would be able to get to bed no later than 9:30 and hopefully 9:00.  When Tina suggested that he might have to give up his morning swim, Daniel became somewhat sharp with his response. Both Bette and Tina noticed.

    Daniel: Are you kidding me? I’m not giving up my morning swim. It what starts my day!

    Tina: Daniel, it was a suggestion not a command. Your response was a little sharp. Are you feeling okay?

    Daniel knew at once that he had responded by almost yelling and there was no reason for him to respond that way.

    Daniel: I’m sorry. I feel just fine. I just been a little out of sorts lately. I don’t know why I yelled like that. I know you were not telling me what to do. I just know I’m not giving up my morning swim.

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