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    Chapter 2

    Bette nodded and was so grateful she had Alice.  She was her rock

    “Deal..Let’s get ready”

    They both walk back inside and Alice heads over to her bag and grab it off the bed

    “I’ll go shower and all now if that’s ok”

    Bette nods and lifts her suitcase throwing it on her bed.  She heard Alice shut the bathroom door and begins to start unpacking her suitcase neatly placing her clothing in neat stacks on the bed.  She unfolds her dresses that were on hangers and walks over to the closet hanging them up. She turns to go back until knocking at the door stops her and immediately turns back around walking toward the door and peeps through the hole.  She gasps seeing who the person is standing on the other side…Taking a deep breath she lets it out and opens the door revealing a distraught blonde

    “Tina?…What’s wrong?”

    Tina nervously fidgets wrapping her arms around herself once again

    “I uh..I need to talk to you..Please” Tina says shakily

    Bette went to speak but was stopped by the sound of Alice’s voice. She turned in the direction of the bathroom door

    “Bette can you hand me a towel from that rack out there.  I forgot to bring one in”

    “Yeah just a minute Al” she yelled back and turned back to Tina who was no longer standing there and caught a glimpse of Tina’s red dress disappearing around the corner toward the elevators

    “Fuck” she muttered and ran after her only to find the elevator door closing “Wait Tina!” She called out only to have the door close completely.  She punched the button but it was no use.  The elevator was on its way down and she watched the numbers go down until it stopped on the 5th floor.

    “Damn it..What did she want to talk about?” She muttered in defeat and slowly walked back to her room and entered to see her  best friend glaring at her

    “Thanks for the towel” Alice said rolling her eyes but noticed Bette’s sullen face “What’s wrong Bette?” She asked her glare now replaced with concern

    Bette closed the door and placed her hand on her forehead “Tina”

    Alice raised an eyebrow “Tina?”

    Bette nodded “She came and knocked on the door.  I opened it and she said she had to talk to me.  She looked so frazzled”

    Alice’s eyes widened “You think she remembered something”

    Bette shrugged “I don’t know.  I didn’t get a chance to find out because she ran off and got in the elevator before I could stop her”

    Alice pulled Bette in a hug “Hey.  She came to you though.  That’s a positive right”

    Bette shrugged “I guess but she got cold feet on whatever she wanted to say and ran”

    Alice rubbed Bette’s back “But she came to you….Give her time”

    Bette sighed and pulled back from Alice running her fingers through her hair

    “I’ve already given her 3 years Al…I’ll give her a lifetime if I have to” Bette said leaning against the door.  And she meant it



    1. Yikes! Tina heard a voice calling from Bette’s showr and must not have recognized Alice’s voice. She thought she was crashing Bette’s private party.

      So in her fears, she bolted!! Uuugh

    2. Oh man… Tina is an emotional mess. Tina is not thinking logically at all. Tina dear… its been three years since your accident and Bette let you go. You have gone on with your life and she has bound to go on with her life. So, being in Mexico, she’s bound not to be there alone. Yes, this voice could be a lover or a friend. And you came to Bette’s room to talk to her…. if its not a convenient time for Bette, arrange another time and place or whatever; Just talk to her. Running off like a scared rabbit only makes a conversation more difficult.

      Good story…. keep it going.

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