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    Get The Girl—Chapter 4: Bowling and Serious Talk


    Tina and I are currently entering the bowling alley and I’m glad for the distraction of trying to forget the brief but very intense moment we had..Hearing her talk so intensely and assertively turned me on..I couldn’t help but lean in closer to her..She was pulling me in..Drawing me in to her with her hazel eyes..The way they darkened when she talked so passionately about her long standing crush on Alyssa.  I needed to hear her say it…I needed to hear that she genuinely wanted my best friend..I guess I didn’t want her to give up because then she wouldn’t need me anymore and I kind of feel like I need her…And God so help me I wanted to kiss her..I can’t even begin to grasp how she affects me…It’s insane the feelings she stirs in me..That I have never felt before and can’t really explain…I don’t even know her but I feel like I do..But I can’t ever go there..I can never go there…One…Because she wants Alyssa..Two..Because I’m hideous..If she ever saw what’s underneath my clothes she would run far away from me and I wouldn’t blame her…I can’t be weak like that again..I won’t

    “We need a lane please” I say to the man behind the counter as I pull out my wad of cash

    “I can pay for it” I hear Tina say behind me and I shake my head

    “No ma’am..You paid for breakfast..And this was my idea so I got it”

    She doesn’t say anything else..She’s been as quiet as me..I wonder if she is thinking about that moment as well..Oh who am I kidding..I probably made her uncomfortable..I should apologize to her.  I sigh as I hear the guy start talking behind the counter

    “We have unlimited bowling at this time until 4pm for $10 per person…Includes shoes”

    “Sounds good..” I say handing him a $20 and he nods

    “What size shoes?” He asks

    “I’ll take a 10…And…” I turn to look at Tina “7” she replies and I watch the man go towards the womens shoes pulling our sizes

    “Uh Bette?”

    “Yeah” I respond turning to see her standing beside me now

    “I don’t have any socks on or even with me and I refuse to have my bare feet in shoes half the town of Langley have worn” she says flustered

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    1. I am enjoying this story…. but oh what a mess. No one has a straight forward relationship with anyone else. Everyone has someone they like but isn’t available. I am sorry that Bette is still having pain from her injuries. I do hope that some of that will heal as time goes on. I understand her fear that her scars might be repugnant to others, but her fear is not keeping her safe or comforted. This is something Bette is going to have to work through or she needs to get some counseling on. Everyone has body issues and some are worse than others. But when someone cares for you or falls in love with you, they accept you for who you are: flaws and all. Bette has a beautiful personality and a lovely charm and a scarred body. She is going to be a very lonely person if she allows her past and these scars to keep her from her from the future possibilities of her life…..

      As to Alyssa? A senior in high school forced by her parents to date another girl to assist the merger of two businesses? That’s the sort of thing that royal families did in the middle ages. Arrange marriages and relationships between families to enhance the bank account. Oh well…. got to see where this goes.

      Keep it going…. thank you for the chapter.

    2. A truly good story!

      This is a mess like Martha already pointed out.

      I love what Bette does for Tina despite her own feelings for Tina. And Tina is so in denial about her feelings towards Bette, unfortunately also because she now only has one wish and that is Alyssa, her first crush. But she’s a sweetheart to point out to Alyssa that there’s a reason Bette shuts herself off from everyone. If anyone brings Bette and Alyssa together as friends, it’s Tina.

      I feel so bad for Alyssa that she is forced to be with someone because of a corporate business, the merging between her fathers and Holly’s companies. That must be really terrible.

      And poor Bette, so insecure because of the severe burns she has suffered and so much pain, even though her nerves may start working again, the scars on her body and mind will never go away. Perhaps with therapy, the trauma of what happened to her will become more bearable, but it will never go away completely.

      I’m very curious how this will all go.

    3. Boy, such a tough plot to resolve with Bette’s scars needing time to heal, yet her emotions/hormones being so active when she’s near Tina.

      U’ve really taken on a literary challenge. But keep goin’ as we come along with ya!!

    4. Love your story, hope you post soon. I like all the twists and turn… our heart takes us on a ride sometimes with out a clear path and at this age can be extra confusing.
      And it has a feel of a mobster world first Bette and her step dad now Alyssa’s dad. Just has that feel but i like. Thank you

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