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    Chapter 2

    The walk to her room was agonizing as Eric held on to her.  She really didn’t want him brooding her right now and she couldn’t wait to get alone for a bit to get her thoughts and emotions together.  She reached in her side pocket of her carry purse realizing it was empty

    “Fuck!..Where is it?” She muttered in a frustrated tone

    “What are you looking for?” Eric asked bracing himself for her response knowing she was highly agitated and wasn’t sure why

    “My keycard Eric..It’s not here” she replies wiggling out of his embrace “Fuck!” She angrily hisses as they approach the door to her room

    “Tina..It’s ok..I’ll go down and get you another one..For now let’s just go to my room..Ok?”

    She was too frustrated and overwhelmed at the moment to argue

    “Fine” she agrees as she follows him a couple of doors down

    Eric opens the door letting Tina enter first. She immediately throws her purse down on the sofa and plops down kicking her heels off

    “I’ll go down and get you another keycard ok?”

    She only nods and relaxes when she hears the door shut signaling she was now alone with her thoughts….She lowered her face in her hands conflicted over the feelings she had seeing Bette again, having Bette comfort her yet again.  The woman she couldn’t remember.  The woman she was supposed to marry….Bette should hate her.  Tina had broken her heart.  But yet after three years the woman still selflessly comforted her.  She was a god damn saint in Tina’s eyes.  If the roles were reversed she  wondered if she would have done the same.

    Ever since Tina made the decision to leave Bette nothing had felt right in her life.  She struggled to find her place again.  The life she knew before those 4 years were wiped  away because of the accident were not the same..But at the time she couldn’t stay with the brunette.  It wasn’t fair to either one of them…And honestly waking up to realize not only was she engaged to be married but that it was also to a woman shook her to her core.  To this day she has never looked at another woman sexually or had any attraction for one.  So what was it about Bette. She really wanted to know after having the memory of the proposal…

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    1. Yikes! Tina heard a voice calling from Bette’s showr and must not have recognized Alice’s voice. She thought she was crashing Bette’s private party.

      So in her fears, she bolted!! Uuugh

    2. Oh man… Tina is an emotional mess. Tina is not thinking logically at all. Tina dear… its been three years since your accident and Bette let you go. You have gone on with your life and she has bound to go on with her life. So, being in Mexico, she’s bound not to be there alone. Yes, this voice could be a lover or a friend. And you came to Bette’s room to talk to her…. if its not a convenient time for Bette, arrange another time and place or whatever; Just talk to her. Running off like a scared rabbit only makes a conversation more difficult.

      Good story…. keep it going.

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