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    Chapter 2

    Chapter 2

    The next morning, Bette’s house. Bette wakes up in an empty bed. She shifts her position to sit upright and glances around the room, noticing various items of her clothing scattered between the door and the bed, and the absence of Tina’s.

    She sits still for a moment before a sound from the kitchen draws her attention, and she tunes in to the quiet murmur of one half of a phone conversation. She smiles to herself as she rises and retrieves her dressing gown from the back of the bedroom door, and makes her way downstairs.

    As Bette rounds the corner into the kitchen she meets Tina’s eyes and they smile at each other. Tina continues talking on her phone as she stands by the island bench and Bette moves past her and picks up a bag of coffee from the counter, turning and holding it up to her. Tina raises her eyebrows and nods enthusiastically and Bette laughs as she moves to the stove. As Bette moves around the kitchen Tina follows her with her eyes as she tries to remain focused on her phone call.

    Tina finally wraps up the call and they turn to each other.

    (Bette) Hi

    Tina smiles at her.

    (Tina) Hi

    They hold each other’s gaze for a moment and Bette places a mug of coffee in front of Tina on the counter. Tina smiles and gives her an appreciative look.

    (Tina) Oh my God thank you, life saver. Dealing with work before my first coffee has not been fun

    Bette smiles at her as Tina has a sip from her mug.

    (Bette) You could have helped yourself, it would have been fine

    Tina smiles at her and then her attention is again drawn to her phone, and she frowns as she reads a message. Bette has a sip of coffee as she watches Tina tapping away a reply.

    (Bette) Is something going on with work? Everything OK?

    Tina looks up at her and smiles.

    (Tina) It’s fine. Or it will be. Just a usual clash of personalities and egos that I unfortunately need to manage

    Bette nods.

    (Tina) It’s threatening to hold up production though so I’m going to have to go there now and deal with it

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    1. Wow, so Miss Tina is playing coy with Bette. Enjoyed her time with Bette but decided it was nothing more than the many other nights she had spent with others. Rather rude… but okay. Let’s see what happens in the future..

      Thanks for the chapter…

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