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    Chapter 3

    Chapter 3

    Later in the week, Tina is in her office at the studio standing by her desk and sorting through a pile of scripts as she talks on her cell.

    (Tina) We really don’t need this drama, this needs to be handled immediately

    Tina’s assistant leans in the doorway and they meet eyes. Tina gestures towards her phone and rolls her eyes and Casey smiles at her. Tina holds up her index finger towards them and focuses back on the call.

    (Tina) Well he needs to be put in his place. I’m very happy to do that myself but I think it’s better if you’re able to manage it yourself, seeing as you need to work with him directly day to day. He needs to respect your authority

    Tina holds the phone away from her ear and looks to the doorway with eyebrows raised.

    (Casey) There’s someone in the lobby to see you

    Tina nods and returns the phone to her ear, focusing her attention back on the call.

    (Tina) You can have until tomorrow to get this under control, then I’ll have to step in. I also have no hesitation in replacing him, so please make sure he’s aware of that

    Tina ends the call and turns back to the doorway as she gathers together the scripts on her desk.

    (Tina) Someone is here for me?

    (Casey) Yes, they don’t have an appointment

    (Tina sighs) Well, they’re going to have to make one I’m afraid, I hardly have time for my scheduled engagements today

    (Casey) Sorry, I wouldn’t have bothered you with it but I suspect it may be a personal visit

    Tina looks up and frowns.

    (Casey) Do you know a Bette Porter?

    Tina raises her eyebrows and looks at them for a long moment.

    (Casey) Should I say to call and arrange an appointment?

    (Tina) Ah, no. Thanks Casey, you can leave it with me


    Tina makes her way to the lobby and sees Bette waiting by the front desk, standing with her back to her. Tina makes her way over, taking a breath as she approaches. She comes to a stop a couple of steps behind her and talks over Bette’s shoulder.

    (Tina) Bette

    Bette turns to face her and they look at each other for a moment.

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    1. What a curious person Tina is… I must hand it to Bette for taking this approach to getting to know Tina Kennard. Make an offer of a casual dinner and stick with it. Make no romantic moves and let Tina make the moves. So now Tina has invited Bette into her home for a little what? After dinner conversation? Careful Tina… you may just become addicted to one Bette Porter.

      Thanks for the chapter…. anxious to see where this goes.

    2. Going to be an interesting ship with these two being almost mirror images when it comes to emotional investment. Tina is very direct and watchful.

      Looks like they’ll have the real chance for “friendship”,

      Was’t xpctng Tina to ask Bette in. Let’s see how she handles herself . . .

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