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    Chapter 22 – Election Day

    “What time will the car service be here honey?” Tina asked as she stroked Bette’s hair, her fingers deep at her scalp.

    “Seven thirty, babe.” Bette murmured into Tina’s chest as she rested against her. “Can we lay here a few more minutes?

    “Of course.” Tina placed a soft kiss in Bette’s hair. “You ready for today?”

    “Yeah.” Bette trailed a line of her own soft kisses along Tina’s neck. “Thank you for being with me today.”

    “Anything for you B.” Tina whispered as her lips roll onto Bette’s.  “Anything.”

    After a few minutes, Bette finally spoke.



    “I don’t want to let Kit down.”

    “Why do you think you’re letting Kit down?” Tina asked.

    “If I don’t win,” Bette sighed, “I feel like I’ll dishonor her.”

    “Honey,” Tina pulled back so she could look at Bette, “you won’t dishonor her. You loved her and still do. Please don’t think like that.”

    “I just wanted her death to mean something Tina. To have a purpose instead of just being another statistic.”

    “Bette, babe.” Tina nudged her. “Look at me.”

    Bette leaned back too and looked over at Tina. Traces of uncertainty in her eyes.

    “You and Kit had such a strong bond all these years.” Tina reminded Bette. “And she was so very proud of you and everything that you’ve accomplished.”

    “I know but…”

    “No buts, honey.” Tina tenderly caressed Bette’s cheek. “After Angie was born, she told me that she had never seen you so proud and happy. She adorned you and would be very pleased with all that you have tried to do in her honor already.”

    “I should have done more.” Bette looked down; her eyes hooded. “I fucked up.”

    “Didn’t you tell me you had a few other ideas that you wanted to explore after the election?”

    “Well, yeah.” Bette nodded.

    “Okay then.” Tina offered encouragement. “You did the very best you could for this election. If you win, awesome. If you lose, you move on and work on the other ideas.”

    “That simple?”

    “No, knowing you it won’t be that simple.” Tina grinned as she ran her fingertip down Bette’s cheek. “But you, we, move forward together.  You told me there’s more than one way you wanted to honor Kit. So we’ll do those other things instead.”


    1. You are so right that this does seem so far in the past, but I’m a sucker for good Tibette writing!

      Now you know that I’m going to have to reread this entire story to get my Tibette fix!


        • Hey D,

          Yeah, wishin’ & hopin” just didn’t get it done for Maya. Like BP always says – ‘It just doesn’t compare.’

          Thanks for reading & taking the time to comment.

          See ya on the next posting!!

      • Hey,

        Thanks for the comment. I really didn’t expect any feedback since this chapter was originally posted a few years ago, but it’s so nice to know that readers still enjoy it.

        I know I have at least one more chapter to write on this story & hope to get it done soon.

        Thanks for the kind words & I hope you enjoy the entire story if you should choose to read it again in its entirety.

        • Yes, please don’t forget that last chapter or two!!

          I love Tibette in this story and how you’ve expounded on the GQ themes.

          I’m off a few days together this coming week and will be engrossed in this story. Bless you!

      • Hi JW,

        Thanks for reaching out.

        Remember, that the rest of this novel has already been published/posted.

        Please read on if you like & enjoy the angst & love story that will unfold.

        The last chapter for the sequel is on my radar to compose!!

        See ya on my next posting!!

    2. love these two women as you have portrayed them – such selfish love for each other. No one else will ever fill the need- desire in them like they both do for each other.

      I really like the family scenes, especially when Angie is finding her way in the world and her two mom’s are there guiding her along.

      Sweet moments.

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