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    Chapter 22 – Thanksgiving Week

    Susanne:  This has been a wonderful adventure. Thankyou for this wonderful day.

    Tina: You are welcome. You know this is a first for all of us. None of us have been here to Universal Studios. We are glad you were here to go with us.

    Mary:  So what next?

    Bette:  We load up the tram and go pick up our packages and then we go to the cars and go home.

    Margaret:  Mary, they might let you on one of those roller coasters if you are needing a bit more excitement.

    Mary:  I’m not the roller coaster type.  I’ll be glad to watch you ride.

    Bette:  Ladies, I believe all the attractions are closed for the evening. If you want to see or do something else, you will need to come another day.

    Mary:  Aww…. Sorry Margaret, Bette says you are out of luck.

    Margaret giggled and then Mary giggled.  They all boarded the tram stopped at the place to get their packages. Bette hopped out and retrieved all of them. Laura offered to take them to their vehicles. Tina accepted and gave her the location. The parking lot was practically empty when they arrived at their cars. Bette got out and thanked Laura for all she did for them today. Laura thanked Bette for lunch and for dinner. Bette then gave Laura a $100 bill. Laura was so excited that she hugged Bette.

    Laura: You know its against the rules for us to take tips.

    Bette:  Oh, I’m sorry.  I just found this on the parking lot. I thought you might have dropped it. Thank you for all you did for us today. You have taken very good care of my family and I do appreciate it. Maybe we will come back some time.

    Laura: Thank you for visiting Universal Studios. Come back soon.

    Laura turned and waved at everyone as they were loading the cars.

    Tina:  She’s was very nice. She appreciated you.

    Bette:  Yep, she’s a nice kid. Let’s go home.

    Margaret asked Angie to drive home as she felt a bit tired. Suzanne got in the navigator’s seat while Margaret and Mary sat in the back seat. They were holding hands and glad to be going home. Daniel and John David were in the back seat as Bette drove and Tina sat quietly smiling.

    As usual, both Daniel and John David fell asleep on the way home.

    Tina:  I think everyone had a really good time. It was a very nice outing Bette. Thankyou.

    Bette:  This was your idea and an excellent idea it was.  I so enjoyed being here with our family.

    Tina: Yes, and let’s sleep late tomorrow.

    Bette:  That sounds good to me. I’m really tired. Thank goodness we had that tram. If we hadn’t, we might not have made it to dinner.

    Tina:  You are so right. That’s a lot of walking. We are in good shape, but still.

    Bette: Are the boys asleep?

    Tina:  Oh yeah. They were asleep almost before we got out to the parking lot.

    They arrived home at about 10:30. Bette took the packages and had everyone claim their purchases from the bags which she placed on the island. Mary and Margaret found theirs and announced that they were going to retire for the evening and forego the coffee and dessert. Tina prepared the coffee pot for the next morning while the family all said good night. Angie and Suzanne hugged Bette and then Tina and said good night.

    Tina:  Let’s let them take the elevator and go on to their rooms. Let’s get the next one. Want some water?

    Bette:  Please, I would love some water. Are you okay Sweetie?

    Tina:  Yes, I fine. I’m a little tired. I need a quick shower and then we can go to bed if you like.

    Bette: Oh, yes, I would like.

    They took the elevator and then went to their room and went directly to the bathroom and started the shower. They quickly showered and decided to wait on washing their hair until the next day. After drying off, they turned out the bathroom lights and headed for the bed. Once in the bed and comfortable both were asleep within minutes.


    1. Great solution for helping Suzanne. I also like the various positive ways for her to repay the loan. Maybe 10 years down the road as she repays the loan it gets distributed again. When she has paid it off they can tell her the truth and they all can create an on going scholarship for deserving Yalie with B & T millions!!!!

      So, get writing those 10+ years.

      Thanks, I love your work!

    2. You do realize that Suzanne’s solution originated with the investigation of Melvin Porter? Its one of the things that I admire about Bette. She absorbs the nuggets of wisdom which appear from various sources. I do like the fact that Bette and Tina want to help Suzanne but do not want Suzanne to be aware of where this help is coming from. And with this solution, neither Angie nor Suzanne will be in a position of being obligated to the other. If for some reason, their friendship sours, Suzanne will keep her support. And if anything should happen that Bette and Tina do not survive until Suzanne finishes her education, the money will still be there to assist her.

      I like Suzanne as a friend for Angie… I like that she has red hair and is studious like Angie and perhaps a little more so. Do not look for any romance ever between Angie and Suzanne… that is just not in the cards and it would be a disaster for both of them.

      Thank you for reading and commenting… I appreciate you pointing out Suzanne’s solution.

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