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    Chapter 27 – Mary Southerland

    Ten Years After – Volume 2 – The Move

    Chapter 27 – Mary Southerland

    The next morning, Tina awoke in a heavy sweat and in an unbearable heat wave. She was fleeing from Bette and tossing the covers off as fast as she could in order to get some air. Bette felt Tina’s body with a jolt as she left her side and did not manage to hold on to the covers which were immediately on the floor. She noticed Tina was breathing a bit heavy and kept muttering “Oh god”. Bette immediately reached for the towel under her pillow and handed it to Tina. She then scampered to the bathroom to get a couple of bottles of water and returned to Tina’s side. Tina was now sitting up in bed and toweling off her chest and abdomen.

    Tina: What in the fucking hell was that?

    Bette:  Here drink some water. That was Mother Nature doing what she knows how to do best. Cause havoc. Turn around, let me towel off your back. Are you okay now?

    Tina:  Yeah, I’m better. Is there always a shock factor involved with this blast furnace?  Is this what causes humans to instantaneously combust? If this starts to happen very often, I’m not going to be very happy.

    Bette: There will be more, but perhaps not to the degree this one was. Now that we both have had some biggies, maybe it will calm down and not be so harsh. You really scared me. How do you feel now? Do you want some more water?

    Tina:  I’m sorry. All of a sudden, I was just hot and I couldn’t take that hot body of yours. By the way… that’s a nice outfit.

    Bette was standing in front of Tina stark naked. She had not bothered to put on a robe in going for the water.

    Bette:  Yeah, we are wearing matching outfits at the moment. You’re beautiful, you know that?

    Tina:  Thank you sweetheart. But I do not hold a candle to what I am looking at.

    Bette:  Are you ready to get up or do you want to sleep a little longer?

    Tina:  Oh, I’m awake now. Let’s just put on our suits and go for a swim. I think that will cool me down. Did you sleep okay Babe?

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