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    Chapter 3. Present….Meet Past

    After finishing up what could be called the strategy meeting with Tina for her fashion show in Paris, Bette pulled up to Shane’s mansion armed with enough information to fire back at the lanky brunette. But Bette was grateful for Shane McCutcheon and if it weren’t for her Bette would probably be in jail or worse. Shane has been Bette’s best friend since they were kids. Their families were close and it was actually Shane’s grandfather who was head of a production company that got Bette the commercial roles when she was just a toddler.  Shane however took an interest in music, specifically guitar, and formed a band with three of her classmates in high school called Affliction and have gone one to become one of the top selling rock bands in the world.  They are set to depart for their third world tour in a couple of months.

    Bette walked up to the door pushing down on the door handle letting herself in..Shane always left the door open which Bette told her numerous times was dangerous but Shane would just shrug her off.

    “McCutcheon! “ Bette called out as she entered the foyer “Stop leaving your door open!”

    Bette made her way into the living room where she found the brunette stretched out on her sofa…her arms resting behind her head

    “Bette I knew it was you from the monitor” Shane points at the monitor mounted in the right corner of the living room “Besides If anyone wants to bring their ass up my steep driveway and jump the electric fence be my guest…But anyway have a seat”

    Bette plops down in the open space besides Shane’s feet

    “I was beginning to think you weren’t coming” Shane said giving Bette a sly look

    “I was with Tina” Bette can’t help but flash a coy smile at Shane

    Shane raises an eyebrow “Wait..You saw her the day after you hit that..That’s totally not your style Porter”

    “I didn’t fuck her Shane!” Bette snaps

    Shane throws her hands out “Ok..Ok..So you really did just go on a date?”

    Bette nods and smiles “Yeah”

    “I never thought I would live to see the day..This is the day that all players will remember..The legend herself is dating and hanging up her player card”

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    1. It’s going to take more than a jealous calculating ex who reminds me of Kelly Wentworth or Jodi Lerner to faze SuperTina. But Bette is pretty rattled. This explains her plummeting career. Bette has a heart and that heart was broken. Tina is sympathetic. This is good. So happy that Peggy Peabody is in this story. She WILL know how to handle Carol. Like this story a lot.

    2. Tina is really getting into this project. She is committed to making this work for Bette. And now that she has seen that Bette rejected Carol’s advances and living up to her end of the bargain, she is even more determined to help Bette out. Tina coming to the party really made their “relationship” real for Shane and for many who saw them at the party. Too bad that Alice wasn’t there also

      Okay, now before they leave the party, Bette and Tina need to be seen dancing or kissing. Hopefully that would go viral as well with a time stamp after the picture with Carol. And if asked, Bette should say that Carol was an-ex. We broke up years ago and she was surprise to run into her tonight. No, I am not dating her…I don’t date ex’s.

      But let’s see what Peggy suggest. Peggy knows people who know people and will have the perfect solution to this Carol problem.

      Tina is attracted to Bette, she just doesn’t realize it. Who is going to suggest they break the contract?

      Good story…..

      • Oh I like that – who IS going to suggest they break the contract. I can just imagine the ceremonial tearing it up! I think perhaps Tina? But either is just fine with me. Good post.

      • Tina is use to beating back the flirtatious advances of the Bettes of the world, and she is sooo sure that she can play the game, but she’s gonna trip her ownself up if she thinks she can kiss on Bette and bump&grind on the dance floor all for “show”!! HeHeHe!

    3. I really love this story!

      Bette had her heart broken by that bitch Carol and now she’s back on stage to make her life miserable again. I’m glad Tina witnessed Carol coming on to Bette. Tina is not afraid of her and what she will do in the coming weeks. In that regard, I am happy, like Billy, that Peggy plays a big part in this story. With her connections and wisdom, she probably knows how to put Carol in her place.

      I really enjoy watching the bickering between Bette and Tina. Tina now denies it but she is definitely interested and attracted to Bette. I suspect they build a good friendship before their fake relationship turns into a real one.

      And i agree with Martha, before they leave the party they should dance and or kiss and that would go viral too.

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