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    Chapter 36 – First Week of School

    Bette assisted Dan in carrying his violin while he carried his guitar to the music building. He quickly obtained two music lockers and locked his instruments up. They went back and retrieved his golf clubs and carried them to the sports building and obtained that locker and lock those up. Daniel was pleased. He then told his mom how much he appreciated her help and he was off to his homeroom class and start his day. As Bette left the campus, she saw Margaret Miller and stopped and spoke to her for a moment and then was off to her own campus.

    Bette was still early for her schedule. Holly met with Bette to talk about office hours and daily schedule needs. Bette then obtained the class registration list for each of classes for the day. She packed her brief case with her class plans and registration list and the handouts she was planning on putting out. She headed for the classroom and began to set things up.

    She decided to go to the ladies’ room prior to class and enter the room exactly one minute before the class was to start. George and Grace were there and ready to assist.

    When Bette walked into the classroom, the class followed her with complete attention. Her demeanor and elegance demanded their attention. Bette Porter was in command and the class knew it.

    Bette started her remarks:

    Good morning. Welcome to Art Appreciation – course number ART-201. If it is not your intention to be in this class, I suggest you leave at once. Now, my name is Elizabeth Kennard-Porter. You may address me as Professor Porter or Professor Kennard-Porter. If any of you are interested you can go on the UCLA website and read up on my background and credentials and get some idea why I have been chosen to instruct this particular class. Now I want to introduce you to my graduate assistants. This is Grace Slick and George Wellington. They will assist me from time to time and in the event, you need assistance with this class, they will be available. Their contact information as well as mine is in the syllabus. My office hours are also in the syllabus and I can be available by appointment outside of those office hours. Just contact my assistant – Holly Billingsley to make an appointment. Now George if you and Grace will start handing out the syllabus, I will do a roll call. Oh, and all contact information and office hours will be on the web site as well.  

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