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    Chapter 36 – First Week of School

    Bette proceeded with a roll call.

    She then resumed her opening remarks:

    Welcome to UCLA. This is a freshman or sophomore level course in art appreciation. This semester we will do an overall survey of two-dimensional and three-dimensional art. We will concentrate mostly on paintings and sculptures. The course is designed to present a survey of the major art periods throughout history. It is designed to allow you to recognize the major characteristics of the art produced and the artist who produced them for each art period presented. The amount of art and artists of each period are far too vast to talk about all to them. The text book for this course is in your syllabus. We will cover approximately a chapter every class period. I expect you to read your text and attend class. I will tell you that some of the material on my examinations will not be in the text but be presented in class. Now, you are now all officially adults capable of directing your own lives and make your own decisions. The roll call I just had will be the last one for this class. The reason for the roll call is to notify you that you are truly registered for this class. If your name was not on the roll, then you need to see the registrar’s office. There are a limited number of seats and I have been informed that all three of my classes are full. Anyway, that will be something you can discuss with the registrar. Not only will I not call the roll, I do not care whether you attend class or not. That is up to you. But I do promise that class material will appear on the test. The dates for the test are on the syllabus. The regular test will be 40 to 50 multiple choice questions. The midterm and the final will be 20 or 25 multiple choice and two essay questions. The midterm will cover all the material presented in the first half of the semester and the final will cover the second half of the semester. There will be one term paper which will be due before Thanksgiving. I may or may not remind you that you have a term paper. You need to hand it in before school goes on Thanksgiving break. You may hand it in early if you wish but none will be accepted once the Thanksgiving break begins. I expect you to use normal term paper production in that they must be typed double-spaced, with footnotes, and you may include exhibits. They should be a minimum of 2500 words and a maximum of 5000 words. The subject may be any artist we study this semester. I hope I do not need to remind you the penalties for plagiarism. But I will; anyone trying to pass off a paper as being their own work which is truly not their own will be expelled from school. So, if you want to go and see if you can purchase a paper somewhere or get someone else to write your paper for you, I suggest you withdraw from this class immediately. For I will know if you produced what you turn in. I have read thousands of articles, books and text on art. And I will know if the work you turn in is your own. Oh, and for those of you who are in sororities and fraternities who have files of papers ready for their members’ use? The school is well aware of those files and you turn one of those in, you should start to pack your bags. You now are on notice. Oh, and weight of each exam, the term paper, the mid-term and the final are in the syllabus. Your paper will be 25% of your grade. The mid-term will be 25% and the final will be 25%. The balance of the test will be 25% of the grade. I think that I calculated there will be 5 tests total and that is about 5% each of your grade. The first test will be two weeks from Friday.

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