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    Chapter 38 – Last Week at Redondo Beach

    Daniel: Well, I really enjoyed my weekend. John David did too. He seemed to have a really good time too. And he loved his steak last night. It’s not something he has had much of. And lunch was good too. I love burritos.

    Bette: Mr. Wilkins said something about taking you with him, Joey and John David on a golf outing. We are going to have to see what the schedule looks like. But we need for you to be available on Sunday for sure. That will be the day you arrange your new room. You will want to know where everything is so you can have a normal week at school.

    Daniel: So, we are really moving next weekend?

    Tina:  That’s the plan. So, you need to plan your week so that you don’t have a whole lot to do over the weekend as far as school work.

    Daniel: That’s a good idea. Great breakfast mom. I love these grits. Do we have any peanut butter?

    Tina: Sorry, forgot to put it out. You know where it is. Help yourself.

    Bette: Is he on another growing spurt? Here I was hoping his uniforms would at least last until Christmas.

    Tina: Daniel expended a lot of calories yesterday and he is needing just a little boost for the day. I’ll give him a couple of apples in case he needs a mid-morning snack.

    Bette: Daniel? Did you put some more money on your school food account? You need to do that before we leave the house this morning. Your allowance should already be in your account.

    Tina:  Let’s plan to call Angie tonight. We didn’t talk to her over the weekend.

    Bette:  We didn’t, did we. Well, as they always say. No news is good news when it comes to kids.

    Daniel got out his cell phone and dialed into the school website and then to the lunch room program and put in $100 to his lunch program. He then showed Bette that it was done. Bette liked the fact that she no longer had to make sure she had extra cash available even though she did have a reserve ready and available.

    Daniel: Mom, green fees are $10 per day at the school. Since we walk the course, it’s a lot cheaper and we only do nine holes.

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