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    Chapter 39 – Moving Weekend

    Bette:  Charlie and his guys are staying in a motel just outside of Los Angeles. They have about 2 hours’ drive to get to Santa Monica. I expect them around 9:00 am. They are supposed to have had breakfast and are well rested and ready to move furniture. With any luck, they will have all the furniture and boxes in by noon. They are going to assist by putting together all the beds. They are going to place all the furniture at our direction and of course with council from Jim. We are going to try to get the boxes at least to the room they are to be unpacked in.

    Tina:  You know I am really nervous about the baby grand piano. Will it fit it the elevator?

    Bette:  Yes, I measured it twice and talked to Charlie about it. The plan to hang moving blankets in the elevator before they get started to protect the furniture and the elevator. I am most concerned about them scrubbing our newly painted walls.

    Tina:  I know Charlie is concerned about that too. But, let’s not be concerned until it actually happens. Sometimes our concern can make others overly concerned and cause them to screw up. So, if you are getting overly concerned, walk away and let them do their job. Life will go a lot smoother for all of us.

    Bette: That is why I always let James handle the loading and unloading of an exhibit. That part of a show makes me a nervous wreck.

    Tina: Charlie and his crew know what they are doing. Jim knows what he is doing. Do you know that he moved all that balcony furniture in and we didn’t even know it?

    Bette:  Yeah, he did, didn’t he? I had not even thought about that. I want some more coffee, how about you?

    Tina:  Yes, thank you.

    Bette:  Good breakfast sweetie. Have you got our shopping list?

    Tina:  Sure do. I am going to need to go to the bathroom for a reading session before we go. If you need to go, perhaps you could go to the other restrooms?

    Bette:  Oh sure. I’ll clean up the kitchen.  You do what you need to do. Take your time.

    Tina: Thank you.

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