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    Chapter 39 – Moving Weekend

    Tina:  We will set that up. Since we live this close to the beach, it’s something we are going to have to keep up.

    Bette:  Thank you for lunch. Are we ready to get busy?

    Tina:  The roast will be ready around 2:30. When would you guys like to have dinner?

    Daniel:  I’d like to have dinner early. I would also like to take a swim in our new pool. May I?

    Bette:  If we get finished with what we want to get done today. We will all swim in our pool and then we will have our dinner. Then we will probably retire for the evening. We have had a very busy weekend and we need to rest before Monday gets here. Would that be okay?

    Tina: There is a box of dishes and things that go to the bar upstairs. Can we just bring those down here and store them in the laundry room until Jim gets finished with what he is going to do with that room?

    Bette:  Why don’t we put them in the storage closet upstairs next to the elevator. If there needs to be any construction, there is no need to put everything away, just to repack it again. We just need it all in place before Mary and Angie get here for Thanksgiving.

    Tina: Thank you. Let’s move that box first. And then let’s work on the small study, then Angie’s room and the rest of the rooms with the various knick-knacks.

    Bette: What time does the tech guy get here?

    Tina: About 2:30. I’ll handle the roast; you handle tech guy.

    Bette: Okay, we have a plan. To the barricade!

    They all helped clean up the kitchen and went upstairs and commence to push to finish getting everything as least put away. Putting the files away was not that difficult as Bette had put them in order. They then put some of the knick-knacks out and started placed the computers and got them hooked up. They would be up and running as soon as the Wi-fi was installed.

    They then moved to Angie’s room and began to work in there. Daniel joined in opening the boxes and handing things to Bette and Tina to place. Daniel worked on placing the photos and knick-knacks around and soon they were finished. The tech guy and Jim came in at 2:30 and were finished within an hour. Bette had finished up clearing out the playroom and the library and things were beginning to look friendlier. Tina was allowing the roast to rest. And the tech guy hooked up the Wi-fi and the boosters around the house.

    At 4:00 they all went to their rooms and put on their swimsuit and got their robes and towels and went for their first swim. The water was warm and was not a chlorinated pool but a salt cell base pool which generates the chorine but not with harsh expensive chemicals. There was less smell and less harsh on skin and the pool plumbing. It was just as efficient at killing unwanted microbes in the water but a whole lot more environmentally friendly.  Bette was impressed.  Daniel said it did not irritate his eyes when he swam under water. Bette and Tina thought it was a better water experience. The water has a soft or silky type feel to it.

    Bette: Well, now that I don’t color my hair any more, I finally get a pool which won’t change my hair color or bleach my swim suits.

    Tina:  I love this pool. Feels so good.

    They all then went to their rooms and showered and dressed in clean lounging clothes. Tina heated up the roast and vegetables and dinner was served just before 6:00 pm.

    Bette:  Well, family we did it. We are now residents of Santa Monica California. We are in our new home having our first home cooked meal. Thank you, Tina, for this lovely meal.

    Daniel was grinning in that he had worked today and was elbow to elbow with his moms most of the afternoon. He liked his room. He loved the pool. He was home.

    After the kitchen was cleaned up, they all retired to their respective rooms. Sleep came quickly for all.

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