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    Chapter 4 – Doin’ it in the Walk-In

    The couple’s grins rose simultaneously as they thought back to that night. Bette kissed the inside of Tina’s palm.

    “I love you,” Tina reassured her. “And I’m sorry if I’ve been acting kind of crazy, but the truth is I’m simply crazy. about. you.” She playfully accentuated each word.

    Bette kissed Tina’s hand again. “Did you get that line from Bette Porter’s charm school?”

    Tina laughed bringing her face close to Bette’s. “Can we go get married now?”

    Bette exhaled deeply. “I thought you’d never ask.” She brushed her nose against Tina’s before kissing the blonde’s forehead. “Oh T, look, the cake.” Bette looked over Tina’s shoulder before leading her into the walk-in.

    “Oh, wow, it feels so good in here. Aw, look at that cake topper babe. It reminds me of when we were in that dance contest.”

    Bette’s mind wandered back to that night still able to see Tina in the dress that was cut in all the right places that showed every one of her voluptuous curves. Her hair slightly darker then and longer. The spotlights following Tina’s sultry body whirling against her. Bette could feel a stirring between her legs as she fondly remembered wanting to finger Tina during their dance when her palm hiked up her dress. There were some sexual memories that were imprinted in her brain and that night when she fucked Tina against the wall of the dressing room was one of them. She remembered how Tina’s breasts poured out of the dress’ top, how they hugged backstage when they scored a ten, their lips meeting in celebration, sweet kisses turning to open-mouth gasps, tongues meeting for exhilaration.

    Baby, I’m so turned on.
    I could’ve fucked you out there, Tina.
    I’m so wet right now, baby. I thought you were going to slip your hand in when you lifted my dress.
    I wanted to.
    I wanted you to.

    Tina was panting against Bette’s neck as Bette slipped Tina’s straps down her shoulders, pulling them low enough to drop the top below her breasts. Tina’s boobs fitting into her hands perfectly. Bette marveled at the perky pink nipples.

    Baby, what if someone…

    Bette quieted Tina by kissing her roughly. She moved her leg between Tina’s, pressing their bodies together as she guided them to the back of the room. When Tina’s back hit the wall, her hands reached around Bette’s head. She moved her mouth over Bette’s elongated neck, sucking the pulse point that would undoubtedly arouse Bette further. She undid the clip holding up Bette’s hair to run her fingers through the brown curls. When the long tresses fell over Tina’s face, she moaned with anticipation.


    1. Really enjoyed the trip down memory lane with Tibette in the dance contest. Had thought some of the same things as they danced amid U have been the 1st to let the imagination explode.

      And being stuck in the freezer???? Those two would absolutely have been doing it in the freezer!! HeHeHE.

      Their creative shared passion for sex, loving/fckng each other would still be at maximum NO matter the age. In fact even better bc they really trusted each other in expressing the inner soul & body.

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