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    Chapter 4 – Doin’ it in the Walk-In

    Tina’s jaw clenched bracing herself again for the free fall. “What?” Her brow furrowed, fine lines accentuated around her eyes. Her lips pursed as she tried to swallow the gut-punch that arose from her chest. Bette walked away from her a bit creating distance between them so she wouldn’t have to look at Tina’s raised eyebrow and crimson cheeks. “Bette, where is this coming from?”

    Bette kept her head down, her back to Tina. “I just felt I should ask.” Her voice quivered. “I need to be sure I didn’t rush you into something.” Bette could hear the desperation in her own question as she wrung her hands, aware that she was circling where her wedding band will be.

    “Bette. Turn around.”

    Bette slowly faced Tina. So many important changes in their life together starting with those words.

    Tina took the few steps towards her. She lifted Bette’s chin with a finger and moved Bette’s hair off her shoulder tucking it behind her ear. Tina studied Bette’s face. She searched her eyes looking for any kind of indication that it was Bette that was the one having cold feet. Instead she saw the sadness still lurking deep within her, remnants of the pain that Tina had caused the love of her life over the last few years. She knew Bette’s concern stemmed from fear, the fear she could never make Tina truly happy, and that Tina would eventually leave her again.

    “Say something.” Bette whispered averting Tina’s gaze. The few seconds of Tina’s silence rattled Bette’s insides. Bette pulled her sweater around her a little tighter.

    Tina caressed Bette’s cheek, the sides of her fingers tracing the sculpted jawline. She took a deep breath and pressed her lips together before replying. Bette noticed the color of Tina’s face returning to normal.

    “Bette, I love you. I absolutely adore you. I never thought I could be more in love with you, but I am. I fall more and more in love with you every single day. And nothing, NOTHING would stop me from marrying you again. I would’ve married you right there on the bench when we proposed to each other. I would’ve married you weeks before that in Toronto. I would’ve married you immediately after you ran through downtown traffic for me.”


    1. Really enjoyed the trip down memory lane with Tibette in the dance contest. Had thought some of the same things as they danced amid U have been the 1st to let the imagination explode.

      And being stuck in the freezer???? Those two would absolutely have been doing it in the freezer!! HeHeHE.

      Their creative shared passion for sex, loving/fckng each other would still be at maximum NO matter the age. In fact even better bc they really trusted each other in expressing the inner soul & body.

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