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    Chapter 44 – She’s Haaawwt!

    Somewhere on Wilshire Boulevard

    The windows were down as Tina sped along the boulevard. She opened the sunroof to let the late morning sun’s rays flood the cream beige Dakota leather interior of her BMW’s cockpit. The excess wind added an extra whip to her already airborne, golden tresses.

    Behind designer sunglasses, her hazel eyes scanned for traffic as she rapped along with Nelly’s intro to the ‘NSync  jam, “Girlfriend.” The impromptu rap earned her some curious stares from pedestrians and fellow motorists alike, but the blonde couldn’t care less. There was nothing anyone could say or do which could have possibly brought her down from the euphoric high she had been experiencing over the last 28 hours or so.

    Having just sent a text to Bette notifying her that she was en route, she smiled when she felt her phone buzz in her lap. She checked the message and squealed to herself in sheer delight before turning up the stereo full blast so she could she could sing along.

    “Why don’t you be my girlfriend
    I’ll treat you good
    I know you hear your friends
    When they say you should
    ‘Cause if you were my girlfriend
    I’d be your shining star
    The one to show you where you are
    Girl, you should be my girlfriend!”

    A black Mercedes kept pace with Tina as she zoomed down the street. She looked over and saw a good looking guy wearing dark sunglasses smiling and nodding at her. Nodding back with a fake smile, she punched the gas pedal harder to overtake him.

    It was often that men of West L.A. tried to stop her while on the road to compliment her choice of wheels, asking if it was her husband’s car, or worse, her daddy’s. Even though she knew it was just their sorry excuse to start a conversation with her, she found it insulting for them to even suggest that somehow she couldn’t have bought the car her damn self.

    “In your dreams, pig!” She hollered as she cut in front of the Mercedes to avoid the slower traffic coming up in her lane. When she saw the nose of the Mercedes dip in her rearview mirror from having to brake quickly in order to avoid rear-ending her, she chuckled before going right back to singing at the top of her lungs.

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      • Have you seen The L Word? Alice was a very noisy girl, always busy with others than herself and suffered from big mouth syndrome 😂

        Most authors take some over from the serie. Like Shane is the Yoda type, Dana a sweet innocent type etc.

        But their story is what they created on their own, there can be similarities.

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