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    Chapter 44 – She’s Haaawwt!

    “Jesus, Al.” Bette said as she put her head in her hands. “Okay, you know what, it’s fine. She didn’t bring it up last night, so it’s okay. Just don’t remind her. Got it?”

    “It’s gotten. For sure.” Alice replied. She enjoyed being Bette’s dirty little secret from time to time.

    Bette took a deep breath to gather her thoughts and get back on point. “Alright so, things that are up for discussion: Educational background, hometown inquiries, musical preferences, favorite movies, anything entertainment, not about you guys, hobbies, family, oh and sexual orientation.”

    That last topic caught everyone off guard, with the exceptions of Shane & Kit, figuring Bette should already know and could either just tell them or was pretty obvious if she was going to be dating Bette. Of course, Alice cleared the air.

    “Oh, I already asked her about that too. It’s cool.”

    “Asked her about what?”

    “You know, about her sexual orientation,” No one noticed a pretty blonde walk into the Planet as they were all leaning into the table still heavily involved in the lively discussion.

    Bette lifted her eyebrows and tilted her head down waiting for Alice to give her the answer.

    Alice began chuckling. “Oh my God, you know what she said?” Carmen, Shane, and Tayo smiled, waiting for Alice to floor Bette with the response they remembered. Alice then began to cackle. She took a sip of her coffee while Bette’s patience was slowly being tested. “She said…Oh my God, it’s so good…she said, ‘I’m Bettesexual’ like, ‘I’m Batman,’ right guys?” Alice continued giggling as she recalled the drunken conversation.

    The hairs on Bette’s neck stood up accompanied by another cheesy grin when she heard the admission.

    Tina placed her hands on Alice’s shoulders and squeezed gently as she wedged herself between Alice’s chair and the chair behind her. “Damn, and here I thought it would have been so much funnier had I said ‘heteroflexible’ instead.” She made her way around the table to where Bette was sitting and held eye contact with the surprised brunette. “Hi.” She greeted as she leaned down and placed a soft kiss on Bette’s unready lips, “Is this seat taken?” she asked pointing to the chair with all of Bette’s stuff on it.



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      • Have you seen The L Word? Alice was a very noisy girl, always busy with others than herself and suffered from big mouth syndrome 😂

        Most authors take some over from the serie. Like Shane is the Yoda type, Dana a sweet innocent type etc.

        But their story is what they created on their own, there can be similarities.

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