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    Chapter 43 – I Think She Really Likes You

    The Planet

    “Morning, Porters!” Alice squawked. She walked in with Tayo, Shane, and Carmen not far behind.

    “Hi, Alice.” The Porter sisters greeted simultaneously.

    “Al, must you squawk at the top of your lungs like that? Especially this early in the morning?” Carmen asked, her irritation obvious in her inflection.

    “Just because the little drummer girl over there keeps you up ‘til the ungodly hours of the morning, doesn’t mean everyone else has to suffer.”

    Shane smirked behind her sunglasses at Alice’s spot-on assessment while Carmen cringed.

    “Yeah, didn’t think I could hear those muffled groans through the walls did ya, pillow queen?” Alice teased the embarrassed Latina.

    “Okay, Al, I think that’s enough.” Bette snickered.

    Carmen looked at Tayo. “How do you put up with her?” she whispered.

    Tayo shrugged her shoulders innocently. “She can’t talk if her mouth is occupied with other activities.” She answered honestly.

    With the exception of Alice, all the women within earshot laughed hysterically.

    “Very funny, Tayo.” Alice said sarcastically. “What’s going on, Little Porter?” She asked as she stood behind the chair Bette had her stuff on.

    Bette looked up at the guitarist still trying to maintain her composure after Tayo’s quick-witted reply. “Nothing Al. What’s going on with you?”

    “Oh, you know, same old, same old.” Alice looked at the stuff as she grabbed onto the back of the chair. She looked back at Bette expecting her to move her things.

    “Fascinating.” Bette said boredly.

    The rest of the girls took their places at the table while Alice remained standing.

    “What’s up ladies?” Angus said as he joined the table.

    “Morning, Angus.” The girls answered.

    Alice was still holding the back of the chair and Bette was now ignoring her. Everyone was engaged in small talk about what to order for brunch. The quirky blonde cleared her throat.

    “I finished up a few lyrics that I want you guys to take a look at before we put it all down.” Kit said.

    “Yeah, when I got home last night, I saw the girls and Angus working on some new stuff. I can’t wait to hear it.” Bette said.

    “Ahem!” Alice cleared her throat more forcefully the second time, which was just as successful in getting any movement out of Bette.

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