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    Chapter 5

    “I see, would you like me to talk with your parents, and explain the impact on your studies?”

    “NO!” I yelled, startling us both, just the thought of my parents and Miss Porter talking panicked me “Sorry, I mean, no thanks. The quicker I serve my time the better it will be.”

    “All right,” she said, “How about your friends, could you not use their laptops during breaks?”

    Thinking of Alice and Dana I was suddenly overwhelmed with sadness, “Umm maybe,” I said quietly, my mind elsewhere. “Alice would probably let me, assuming she isn’t catching up with her own stuff” I smiled at the thought. “Dana…” I trailed off, my eyes clouded with tears.

    “Hey, what’s wrong?” Miss Porter said as she rushed around her desk to me, “You can talk to me Tina, I promise it will stay between us.”

    Looking into her eyes I saw nothing but honesty and compassion, “Dana’s not really talking to me right now,” I said shrugging, trying to give the impression that it was no big deal and failing miserably. Miss Porter handed me a tissue for the tears that were now freely falling down my cheeks.

    “Did the two of you fight?” she asked

    “Sort of,” I replied. The truth was that despite Alice’s pleas of giving Dana time to process, we just seemed to be getting further apart. Yesterday had been the worst so far, with Dana point black refusing to get changed near me in the locker room after gym.

    Seeing an enquiring look on Miss Porter’s face I continued, “She didn’t like ‘my behaviour’ at the club…with Kate”

    “Oh,” she replied, realisation suddenly dawning on her “Right.”

    “Yeah,” I sighed. This time I didn’t even try to wipe away the endless tears, “We’ve been best friends since kindergarten, and I get it, I do, its just…”

    “It still hurts” she replied. I just nodded in response; she was clearly lost in her own painful memories.

    Noticing the time, I decided it was time to go, Mom has been on the warpath for every little thing, so not pissing her off by being late home from school would be best.

    “I should go,” I said breaking the silence between us

    Nodding Miss Porter reached back for the half-assed papers I’d done, “Look, take these back. I will give you some leniency on time, but the standard needs to improve,” she said, “and Tina, try and reign in the temper yeah?”


    1. Oh, wow…. I didn’t realize Tina was in a dream until she was awakened… Even though I understand Tina’s attraction to Bette… the story is making me nervous in that Tina may get Bette into some serious legal trouble which was what the introduction indicated in the first chapters of this story. Personal relationship between faculty and students is nothing but trouble. And with the super straight family and community which they live in, well…. the most innocent of relationships can result in loss of jobs, being ostracized by the community, and even legal difficulties. But I am holding my breath and hoping for the best….. thanks for the chapter update.

    2. My biggest fear at this precise moment in the fic is the announcement by Tina’s parents of any engagement with Eric during the event . The discussion with Jenny “the snitch” and her mother does not bode well …

      Excellent story, just wish you’d post more often !

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