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    Chapter 5

    “Thanks, I’ll try,” I smiled as I took back my work and stuffed it in my bag. “I’m sorry again,” at her confused look I continued, “for throwing them at you, and being a pain in the ass”

    Smiling she replied, “go home, Tina.”

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Pulling into the driveway I noticed my mom on the Schecter’s doorstep, speaking with Jenny and her mom. Noticing my arrival, mom finished her conversation and headed back towards the house just as I reached the front door.

    “Hey mom”

    “Hello Christina,” she said with a smile. This was new, mom had barely looked at me since Kit knocked on the door in the early hours of the morning, to return my drunk ass home, mom smiling at me was unnerving.

    “Everything okay?” I asked nervously, hoping that I hadn’t managed to somehow get in even more trouble.

    “Fine Christina, I was just arranging with Mrs Schecter and young Jennifer about tomorrow morning.” She said entering the house

    “Um, tomorrow morning?” I questioned following her in

    “Yes, I will be dropping you at school in the morning and picking you up in the afternoon. I needed to let Jennifer know in case she had plans to ride in with you.”

    “What, why?” I said, forgetting who I was dealing with. Quicker than I could blink the smile was gone, “Sorry mom, why am I being driven to school tomorrow?”

    “You’ll find out tomorrow, why are you back late?” Of course, she noticed, she probably has me on a timer, God forbid I’d be fifteen minutes late home.

    “My English teacher had a few questions about my work.”

    “What did she have to say?” mom enquired

    “She’d noticed that my essays weren’t as detailed as they usually are, wondered if anything was wrong, that’s all.” I shrugged hoping to get her off the subject.

    “Hmmm, yes well, I was speaking with your father last night and we decided that you can have your phone and laptop back, although any more escapades young lady and you’ll be able to vote before you get them back.”

    Surprised by this turn of events I thanked my mom and went upstairs to my room.


    1. Oh, wow…. I didn’t realize Tina was in a dream until she was awakened… Even though I understand Tina’s attraction to Bette… the story is making me nervous in that Tina may get Bette into some serious legal trouble which was what the introduction indicated in the first chapters of this story. Personal relationship between faculty and students is nothing but trouble. And with the super straight family and community which they live in, well…. the most innocent of relationships can result in loss of jobs, being ostracized by the community, and even legal difficulties. But I am holding my breath and hoping for the best….. thanks for the chapter update.

    2. My biggest fear at this precise moment in the fic is the announcement by Tina’s parents of any engagement with Eric during the event . The discussion with Jenny “the snitch” and her mother does not bode well …

      Excellent story, just wish you’d post more often !

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