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    Chapter 5 – Day Four at the Beach House

    Elizabeth:  Oh, God yes.  Take me, take me now.

    Gigi:  Come… Come to bed with me. I want to be your lover for tonight. You are so beautiful, so warm and so sensual.  I believe I could have an orgasm just looking at you.

    Gigi then looked into Elizabeth’s eyes and leaned forward and kissed her deeply and pulled her body close to her. Elizabeth then grabbed the coat to remove it from Gigi. Elizabeth was kissing her with all the passion she could sustain.  She began to walk Gigi backwards until they reached the bed. Gigi’s hand found its way into Elizabeth vaginal area and was massaging her clit lightly.

    Elizabeth then pushed Gigi to the bed and followed on top kissing her neck and massaging her breast. Gigi was beginning to moan. And all at once she forced Elizabeth to stop.

    Gigi:  I want you to lie down and spread your legs…I want you first, then you can have me.

    Gigi kissed Elizabeth’s breasts and then found her way to her lower abdomen and clitoris.  She began to devour Elizabeth’s clitoris and honey pot. Elizabeth was very close to orgasm. She put in two fingers into Elizabeth’s vagina and began to thrust in a moderate fashion.  The vagina was beginning to tighten around her fingers.  Her moans and gasp were increasing in strength. Gigi increased her thrusting and added a third finger and began to pound the clitoris with the palm of her hand. Elizabeth could not hold it back any longer. The jolt of the orgasm ripped through her body like an electrical shock. She was giving soft moans with every exhale. Elizabeth went limp and could not speak for several minutes.

    Gigi smiled and kissed Elizabeth and said “That was nice Elizabeth.  I so enjoyed that. You really taste sweet and your kisses…they are really nice. And I enjoyed giving you pleasure.”

    Bette began to recover from her orgasm and decided that their session was not over. She pulled Tina into her arms and started to kiss her deeply again.  She started to knead Tina’s beast and rub her abdomen in larger and larger circle until she reaches Tina’s bush. She then proceeded to finger Tina’s clitoris and could tell that she was aroused and in need of a release.

    Bette:  I think I need to take you now my sweet lover.

    Bette then plunged her fingers into Tina’s vagina and stroking with a firm and moderate rhythm. Tina was moaning and whimpering in pleasure. Bette increase the number of fingers and speed.  As she felt the vagina start to ready itself for the climax, she crooked to fingers into the spongy pad which brought Tina to orgasm.  Tina went limp and was trying to recover her breath.  For a moment, Tina drifted to a semi-conscious oblivion. She felt she was unable to move.

    Bette: You are so beautiful T. Or should I say Gigi?

    Tina giggles.:  I don’t think Gigi is as good as Bob.

    Bette said:  Gigi is fucking hot!  Great costume, sultry voice, great concept. Got me wet in a hurry. Great seduction. Gigi has a nice body too and kisses great! I loved it. It was so much fun. You are a wonderful lover. You surpass my wildest imagination.

    Tina: Bette, I still have my shoes on. Do you think you could take those off for me?

    Bette:  Housekeeping at your service mam…

    Bette kissed Tina and remove her shoes and threw them on the floor. She then helped Tina get under the covers and crawled under with her.  They began to snuggle and enjoy the euphoric feeling of their love making session.  The warmth and security of being in each other’s arms eased them into a comfortable sleep.


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