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    Chapter 6

    Alice raises both hands.

    (Alice) OK, I can take a hint

    Bette raises her eyebrows.

    (Bette) Really? That’s new

    Alice gives her a look and they smile at each other. Bette picks up a menu and starts to look it over, and Alice continues to watch her.

    (Alice) You know, whatever it is that’s going on, I do have to say it suits you

    Bette looks up at her and Alice smiles and shrugs.

    (Alice) You look happy Porter

    They smile at each other.

    (Alice) Just be careful though, OK?

    They look at each other for another moment and are then interrupted as Shane and Dana arrive.

    (Dana smiles) Hey, you made it

    Dana leans in and gives Bette a hug and then takes a seat next to Alice. Shane then wraps her arms around Bette from behind and Bette laughs.

    (Bette) I think everyone needs to calm down. You’re acting like you haven’t seen me in months. I met Tina what, a few weeks ago?

    Shane takes a seat next to Bette, and Alice looks to her and raises an eyebrow.

    (Alice) She says that like she doesn’t know the fucking date they met

    Shane smiles and Dana looks over at Bette with eyebrows raised.

    (Dana) Are we allowed to ask about it?

    Alice sighs as she picks up her drink.

    (Alice) Nope

    Bette smiles as she has a sip of her drink.


    Sunday morning, Tina’s house. Tina wakes and looks over to Bette sleeping soundly beside her. She turns slowly towards her, lying on her side and smiling as she watches her. After a while Bette begins to slowly stir and Tina smiles and moves closer to her, kissing her lightly on the shoulder as she reaches towards her and takes hold of Bette’s hand. Bette opens her eyes and looks over at her and smiles.

    (Bette) Good morning

    (Tina smiles) Good morning

    They continue smiling at each other for a moment and Bette then glances over Tina’s shoulder to the bedside table.

    (Bette) Hmmm, it’s after 9 and no work interruptions as of yet

    (Tina smiles) There won’t be any. I switched my phone off when we went to bed

    Bette raises her eyebrows and smiles.

    (Bette) You didn’t need to do that

    (Tina smiles) I wanted to. And besides I’m not normally so directly involved in managing disputes on set, that last film was an exception. It’s usually fine to black out some time on the weekend

    Bette smiles as she moves closer. Tina rolls onto her back and smiles up at her as Bette props herself up on her elbow and settles her other hand on Tina’s stomach. Tina smiles as she reaches up and tucks a curl behind Bette’s ear.

    (Tina) And I believe I told you that I’m all yours this morning

    (Bette smiles) I do recall you mentioning that

    They both smile as Tina moves her hand through Bette’s hair and Bette leans down, capturing Tina’s lips with her own as her hand drifts beneath the sheets.

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    1. Alrighty then! Looks like they are both beginning to become attached to each other… to rely on each other for comfort and support.. Now can this turn into something which they can both admit the want for a life time… I hope so.

      Thanks for the chapter… keep them coming.

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