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    Chapter 6 – Day 5 at the Beach

    Bette:  You okay Tina?

    Tina:  Oh, yea.. I’m wonderful.

    Bette:  Let’s get under the cover and snuggle for a few minutes.

    Tina moved a little and said: Babe, come over here. Let me hold you.

    Bette move toward her pulling the covers over Tina and herself as she moved toward Tina. She put her arms around Tina and kissed her face lightly.

    Bette:  I really enjoyed that Tina. I love your body and I love it when I make you cum. It is a real ego booster to make love to you.

    Tina:  I love making love to you too. It is pure bliss.  I feel so close to you when we make love.

    Bette:  Do you remember the first time I touched you?

    Tina:  Oh god yes.  We had waited so long and I was so ready to experience you and so scared that I would be so klutzy and inexperienced. If things didn’t go well, I figured you would drop me and that my love affair with Bette Porter would be over. And that thought horrified to me. I was already in love with you and I really afraid of the pain of losing you would bring.

    Bette took Tina’s hand and placed it on her bush.

    Bette:  Touch me again – clit only.

    Bette put her hand on Tina’s bush and then started to finger her clit.

    Bette:  This is what I felt the first time I touched you. You were wet and your body was shaking with excitement and fear. You started to moan almost immediately.

    Tina breath was getting ragged.

    Tina:  Oh god, it felt so wonderful. I couldn’t imagine why I waited so long to enjoy this wonderful pleasure. And when I touched you, it was like there was a magnet in my fingers which was just drawn to your clit. It was so exciting to feel your breath on my neck and your pussy in my hand. You were so wet and I want to experience more of you. And your moaning was so arousing.

    Bette was beginning to moan with Tina’s playing with her clit.

    Bette:  I was in heaven. I was finally going to make love to Miss Tina Kennard. That blond with the sweet smile, the quick wit, and the loveliest body. I too, was in love with you Tina. You had something that I knew I wanted in my life. And I knew shortly after we met that you were the one for me. And now I was going to touch that body and make it writhe in pleasure.

    Tina:  Bette let’s come together?  Clit stimulation and holding each other?

    Bette:  Thought you would never ask.  Come here sweetie.

    They pulled each other close and kissed passionately then pulled slightly apart to catch their breath and moan and feel the hand stimulating their clits. Within a couple of minutes, they both orgasms simultaneously and fell on to each other head butting lightly.  They were both in total bliss and enjoying the closeness they were experiencing. This orgasm was not only in the present but laced with the first time they were together which made it even more enjoyable.

    They fell asleep holding each other and sexually satiated.

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