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    chapter 8

    We get out the cab at the court house. Today is a massive day. It’s been three months since this all started and Bette and I have got closer by the day and her relationship with Noah is every growing. As we walk in we are grated by Jimmy Thompson, Bette’s expensive lawyer who has managed to keep so much a secret from the other side.

    I’m holding Bette’s hand,

    “Ms Kennard, Ms Porter, how are you both?”

    “Hoping this will be over today,” Bette said,

    I cannot speak. my eyes are drawn to Logan who is talking to his lawyer and looking directly at me. He looks like he know he will win.

    “It should be, I’ve got all the paperwork ready or all outcomes are you ready?”


    We walk into the courtroom. I sit with Bette and Jimmy. The judge comes out and we listen to the opening statement. Logan’s side basically saying I’m a liar, and Bette has no right to cancel a verbal contact. His lawyer makes me sound like a money grabbing bitch. He has painted me badly. I look down at my hands while they speak. Jimmy stands.

    “You honour I would like to present you with evidence that Mr Johnstone did have sex with Ms Kennard,”

    “Sure,” The judge says, she looks at me and can see I’m scared. I hated taking Noah for the DNA test. But I knew it was for the best.

    Jimmy walked over to the bench and passed the piece of paper to the judge who read it before looking directly at me.

    “Ms Kennard,” I stood,

    “Yes your honour,”

    “From your impact statement, you stated Mr Johnstone raped you, and that Ms Porter is the only relationship you’ve had since that happened.”

    “That’s correct,”

    “MR Johnstone claims he never had sex with you and you were never really dating that he dated you for a bet,”

    “I believe that’s what he is claiming.” I say.

    “yet this looks like you have evidence the clearly shows the two of you had sex at some point,”

    “Yes,” I blindly reach out and take Bette’s hand. I need her support right now.

    “Mr Anderson I believe you should have done better research before taking this case.”

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    1. Logan got what he deserverd, i hope he gets his ass kicked in jail. What a terrible man, make sure he stay away from now on from Tina, Bette and Noah.

      Noah calling Bette Mama and the reason why, my heart swelled of love. Such a sweet child.

      Love this story!

    2. Thank you for continuing this story. I certainly appreciate it. I hope it gets completed.. some writers have disappeared from the face of the earth by putting out some really good story lines and NEVER return to finish them while leaving us hung out to dry. I do not know if it’s writers block or indifference to their audience, As for me I am not happy. I like this story and I hope you finish it. I will be grateful.

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