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    Chapter 7

    Bette looks over at Tina, smiling at her for a moment before stepping towards her. She positions herself behind her and wraps her arms around Tina’s waist, resting her chin on her shoulder.

    (Bette) You know, one of the advantages of being a studio executive is the privilege of being able to throw money at these sorts of problems

    Tina sighs as she looks over the garden, reaching back and placing her hand affectionately on the back on Bette’s head.

    (Tina) OK, I’ll give up. I’ll call in a professional

    (Bette smiles) Thank God

    Tina laughs. She turns in Bette’s arms to face her, and brings her own arms around Bette’s neck, smiling up at her.

    (Tina) Thank you for offering to help

    (Bette) No problem. I’m kind of glad we didn’t go down that path though

    Tina smiles.

    (Bette) And anyway, I can think of far better ways to spend our afternoon

    (Tina smiles) Mmmm, I like the sound of that

    Tina pulls her into a kiss and Bette loops her fingers around the straps of Tina’s overalls, pulling her body into her own as she runs her fingers slowly down the length of the straps.

    Tina draws back and looks at her for a moment.

    (Tina) You actually do like my outfit do you?

    (Bette smiles) Maybe

    Tina smiles and shakes her head.

    (Tina) I’m finding out lots of interesting things about you

    (Bette laughs) Well, I happen to be finding these things out about myself too

    Tina smiles.

    (Tina) Really? This isn’t something that’s come up for you before?

    (Bette laughs) No

    Bette hoists Tina up and she wraps her legs around her waist and they smile at each other.

    (Tina) Well, what an exciting discovery for you

    Bette laughs.

    (Bette) I don’t think it’s a general thing, I think it may just be you

    Tina stops and looks at her and Bette shrugs.

    (Bette) Is that OK to say?

    Tina smiles at her, running her fingers through Bette’s hair and taking her in for a moment.

    (Tina) Yeah, that’s OK to say

    They smile into a kiss as Bette walks them back through the patio doors.

    That evening, Bette and Tina are having a post-dinner drink in a small and atmospheric bar. They sit close alongside one another on a small couch, turned towards each other with their legs intertwined.


    1. Ahhh are you kidding me speechless absolutely speechless I love jealous Tina and then saying they are each others and that ending oh my god I just screamed in a public place ahh thank you for existing

    2. Thanks for this chapter… love the fact that Tina is jealous and they have agreed that when together they belong to each other. A wonderful step forward. Now… hopefully they will agree that they belong to each other when they are not with the other… Tina needs Bette in her life…. and Bette wants no other. Time to change the relationship dynamic here…

      Great story… look forward to more.

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