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    Chapter 7 – Dangerously Irresponsible

    Despite her seemingly fluid approach to sexual function, Tina had little to no experience forging a relationship with someone of the same sex, both emotionally and physically. Sure, she had made out with girls back in college, but in her mind, everybody did that.

    She thought about Dana and Tonya’s conjectures about Helena and considered, for a moment, whether she could participate in a same-sex relationship as a means of achieving an orgasm. Instantly, given the present circumstances surrounding her hour-old break-up, she knew that it was a recipe for disaster and career suicide.

    “Look, I’m not saying I wouldn’t try batting for the other team if the right woman came along. But it’s not worth risking my career. Lateral office dating is one thing guys, but dating the boss?”

    “Who said anything about dating?” Dana asked with a grin.

    “Okay, then. Doing the boss? Now that’s just dangerously irresponsible.” Tina reasoned.

    Just then, Tonya’s phone vibrated on the glass table in front of them. She picked up and viewed the message. “Oh, Gabby, Nadia, and Papi are on their way.”

    “Wow, Third Wheel Crush in the flesh will be seen at local lesbian hotspot a week before their big show at the Roxy. The paparazzi are going to have a field day with that, aren’t they Dane?” It was Tina’s turn to tease.

    “Shit, how are we gonna spin that?” Dana asked herself more than anyone else.

    “Well, since their manager and A&R rep are at the same lesbian hotspot, it could be viewed as a means of cultivating possible venue relations.” Tonya said.

    Dana smiled at the idea. Her smile remained frozen on her face as she saw Helena Peabody’s slender frame squeezing through the gyrating, sweat-glistened bodies on the dance floor and toward the couch the three of them were sitting on.

    Her hair was in a messy up-do with a few stray strands sweeping her fully exposed shoulders with the exception of the two spaghetti straps belonging to a little black cocktail dress with a sweetheart neckline. The skirt was layered and dipped longer on the left side while her right thigh bared more skin.

    Tina and Tonya noticed Dana’s mouth drop and followed her stare into the crowd where they too caught sight of the media heiress.

    “Umm, Tina. I think you might want to be dangerously irresponsible tonight.”



    Bette’s House

    Kit and Angus had suspiciously left at the same time when they had finally ran through the entire set they had planned for the show. The rest of the band had packed up the instruments and equipment and was trying to convince Bette to come out with them for the evening.

    “Come on, Bette. Just come to Hit with us for a drink or two and if you don’t have any fun then you can come back home and veg out.” Carmen pleaded with their manager. She was sitting on Shane’s lap as she spoke.

    “Thanks, Carmen, but I’m good. I don’t really feel like drinking tonight and I have had a really long week.”

    “Porter, when was the last time you got laid?” Alice asked.

    “Not that it’s any of your business Al, but I don’t have any problems getting laid.”

    “That wasn’t my question. I think you need to loosen up a bit. You’ve been so concerned with your job and the band that I fear you have a mountain of spring cleaning awaiting you in the form of cobwebs….down below, if you know what I mean.” Alice, always colorfully inappropriate, grinned at her long-time friend. She sat on the couch with her arm wrapped around Tayo’s shoulders. “We all know you have no problems getting laid…when you apply yourself. So how about a little application tonight?”

    Her friends could tell she was contemplating with a small smirk on her face.

    “Think of it as a promotional strategy. Look at all these flyers we have to distribute.” Shane tempted.

    Shane has a point, she thought to herself, still torn in her decision.

    “Well Porter, you comin’ or what?”



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