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    Chapter 8 – Coming for Pleasure, Not Business

    Hit VIP Section

    “Evening ladies.” Helena greeted them as she eye-fucked the shit out of Tina and made no effort whatsoever to conceal her predatory desire.

    “Hi, Helena.” All three women said, floored by her unabashed conduct.

    When her eyes finally met Tina’s she smiled seductively sneaking the tip of her tongue out ever so slowly to lubricate her full bottom lip.

    Okay, I see what they are talking about now, Tina thought. “Are you here by yourself, Helena?” She asked.

    “Actually, yes, but I know one of the owners of the club. I’ve got bottle service on the way now, do you mind if I sit with you?” The British bombshell’s piercing green eyes didn’t just hold Tina’s gaze; they caressed and massaged it over the heart-pounding bass of the dance music pouring through the speakers around the club.

    “No not at all, please, join us.” Dana said scooting further from Tina and closer to Tonya. Tina shot her friend the briefest of dirty looks, knowing that she was intentionally offering Helena the opportunity to be in close proximity of the blonde.

    “Well, well, Tina.” Helena smiled. “I’m surprised to see you in a club such as this one. Is Eric here with you?” Moving into position, the media brat slowly lowered herself onto the couch next to Tina making sure to graze her employee’s leg with her own.

    “Um, no. We had dinner earlier, but he went home.” Tina answered, straightening up in her seat and anxious as to whether or not she should tell Helena about her new single status.

    “What a pity. I must say that you look quite ravishing this evening.” Again, Tina felt the lusty subtext behind the striking brunette’s penetrating stare which was only underscored by the dropped octave of her sexy voice.

    “Thank you.” Tina blushed.

    “Across the pond, you would be what we refer to as ‘bang-tidy,’” Helena said with a smirk. Tina’s brow furrowed in confusion, but she was sure that it was probably a vulgar term, or at the very least one that objectified her. “And what does Eric think of you keeping company with women who enjoy the pleasure of other women.”

    “It’s not exactly up to him whose company I keep, nor does it matter what he thinks about it.” Tina said so matter-of-factly. “I’m no one’s property, Helena. I can keep company with whomever I choose.”

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    1. kiwipit says

      Thanks for posting, MeLL! A nice way to end my weekend with your story.

      I like how Tina’s and Bette’s paths are starting to cross. Nice touch with the flyer on the BMW’s window.

      Can’t wait for the next scenes but as it’s 10 pm over here already I’m turning in for the night. Maybe I’ll find another chapter tomorrow after work – as a small afternoon delight ;-)


      • meloveslu says


        Sorry I posted so late for you to read the rest of the chapters. I got home a little late last night so I kind of got a late start to my day. I’m sure you will be very excited to see four more chapters for you to read now!

        Thanks for checking in.

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