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    Chapter 7 – Saturday with the Family

    Ten Years After – Volume 2 – The Move

    Chapter 7 – Saturday with the Family


    Bette and Tina began to wake up at shortly before 7 on a Saturday morning.  Once they began to open their eyes, for a brief instance they did not recognize where they were. But they did realize that it was their wife whose body lay beside them.

    Tina:  What time is it?

    Bette (found her cell phone):  Its 6:52. Think it’s time to get up?

    Tina:  Yeah, we have a picnic appointment with Daniel and Angie.  We are going to have to go find some kites to fly as well.  And I presume they will require some assembly.

    Bette:  Oh, forgot about that.

    Tina:  And we will need to put together a lunch for us as well.

    Bette:  We need to get moving then.  Did you sleep okay?

    Tina: I slept fine. I’m with you.

    Bette:  No headache this morning?

    Tina:  No, I don’t think we drank that much.  We just had a bit too much to drive.

    Bette:  Yea, with wine with dinner as well as the cocktails, it was a bit much.

    Tina then pulled Bette into a huge and kissed her.

    Tina:  Good morning sweetheart.  Now let’s get up.

    Bette:  Good morning sweetie. Okay.

    They quickly got up and went to the bathroom to wash their face and brush their teeth and retrieve their clothes.

    Bette:  I think we need to go commando this morning.  I don’t want to put on yesterday’s underwear.

    Tina:  Yeah, but please wear your bra.  We have to go to the store on the way home and I do not need to be distracted.

    Bette:  Do my boobies distract you sweetie?

    Tina:  Yes, they do… you know they do… and you make sure that they do every chance you can.

    Bette:  Well, I’ll quit doing that if you wish.

    Tina:  You’ll do no such thing. Just wear a bra today, please?

    Bette:  Since you said please, then I will.

    They dressed and straighten the room and proceed downstairs to the family dining room. Julio greeted them and ask what they would like for breakfast.  Tina was on her cell to Angie and to Daniel to get them up and down for breakfast.

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